Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) Promotes Dr. James F. Cummings As VP, Clinical Development & Translational Medicine


Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) has promoted Dr. James F. Cummings to VP, Clinical Development & Translational Medicine role with the company. Dr. Cummings had joined company as Senior Director of Clinical Development in 2015, with a key focus on developing company’s programs within growing infectious disease.

The buzz

Prior to that, Dr. Cummings was the Director for GEIS at the AFHSB, Director, Translational Medicine Branch and Division of Regulated Activities at WRAIR. Stanley C. Erck, the CEO and President of Novavax, said that in his short tenure at the firm, Dr. Cummings has demonstrated his ability to constructively manage, motivate and organize complex development plans.

His proven expertise in leadership capabilities and product development earned Dr. Cummings the appointment of Project Lead for nanoparticle influenza vaccine candidate advancement plan, and promotion to VP. Erck said that he is excited to congratulate Dr. Cummings for his successes at Novavax.

Novavax reported top-line report from the Phase II immunogenicity and safety clinical study of the RSV F vaccine in subjects in the imminent 90 days. File revised trial documents and perform an informational assessment of the Prepare study that would offer a sign of the RSV F Vaccine’s prospective efficacy against the study’s primary objective before the close of the year.

Novavax intends to start a Phase I clinical study of the recombinant seasonal influenza drug candidate before the close of the year. It also intends to begin a Phase I clinical study of Zika vaccine candidate by the close of this year.

The registration continued during the second international season in the RSV Phase III Prepare clinical study for infants through maternal immunization. Enrollment in Q1 2017 moved to southern hemisphere sites from the northern hemisphere. The second season of registration has benefitted immensely from the creation of the operational setup and experience from the first international season, leading in material jumps in enrollment and improved momentum as they progress towards the next international season of enrollment.