Obama ‘all set’ to bypass Congress on Gun Control Laws


The frustration of Obama against a dysfunctional Congress is increasing rapidly and he is ‘all set’ to bypass Congress over Gun Control Laws. He has extended the Presidential Power for bypassing Congress over the important topic of Gun Control.

He said in a press conference in 2011 that where Republicans will not act, he will. Following the statement, so far he has turned policy directives, executive orders, waivers and has taken other administrative steps for bypassing Congress. He has bypassed Congress on several issues and has been acting on controversial issues like education reform, welfcare, immigration and now finally he is ready to act on gun violence.

As a response to several gun crimes which took place in the previous year or before previous year, he has announced a list of 23 executive actions for ensuring that guns do not go in the wrong hands. He also told Congress to prevent the sales of assault rifles, perform complete background check before handing over the weapon and limit the size of ammunition clips.

A University of Chicago expert on Presidential Powers said that we are seeing that the powers of making laws and policies are shifting in the hands of President. On the other hand, Gun rights groups are also blaming Obama that he is grabbing the constitutional power in his hands. Erich Pratt, Director of communications department, Gun Owners of America group, said that it is not appropriate for president to act unilaterally on such topics.

However, if we compare the steps taken yesterday with some stronger steps taken by President in the past, then we can say that tomorrow’s steps were operative. Most things proposed by him will need to be approved by Congress. Although he extended Presidential powers for bypassing Congress, still he did not issue an executive order on the same moment that is final and bounds everyone, including Congress. This is the most formal thing a president can do for showing respect for policies.

President Obama also issued a memorandum on Wednesday that effectively lifts the ban that Congress has placed on Federal Research over Gun Violence Cause.

President also urged administratively to states, health care providers and federal agencies to share more information with NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) for effectively and easily completing the background checks of a person who is willing to purchase a weapon. These background checks will prevent the people who have a criminal background or are mentally disturbed from some sort of illness to purchase a weapon.