OPKO Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) Announces Changes And Big Plans For This Coming Year

OPKO Health Inc

OPKO Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) has recently announced some of the big things, that are coming ahead in this fiscal quarter. One of which, involved details about the hiring of a new Chief Commercial Officer.

The second big news, which the company released, was regarding the trial run of its annual injections, which were manufactured for the treatment of Osteoarthritis.

More details about the treatment injections for Osteoarthritis

The injection drug itself has been called Enko by the company and serves as a once-a-year intra-articular injectable, which has been designed specifically for the prohibition of Osteoarthritis. This injection will allegedly be able to aid with various aches and pains, when it comes to joint pain, and other similar Osteoarthritis symptoms.

Enko has an extensive market opportunity, due to the drugs used in the manufacturing process, which on a global scale, is worth a market of $2 billion. According to various release notes, which have been set out by the company, Enko 1, will be released as a Class III medical device. Furthermore, it was also revealed that the primary target market for the drug, will be with nations throughout the European Union.

There are many who believe that this drug, in particular, will be successful in terms of a revenue basis on behalf of the company, this is because it is an effective treatment, which only requires one injection per year.

Who will be the next Chief Commercial Officer for OPKO Health

The next big news for OPKO Health was a little closer to the company’s core hierarchy. Effective immediately OPKO Health has announced that they are promoting Thomas Nusbickel to Chief Commercial Officer for the Renal Health division of the firm.

As part of his responsibilities, Nusbickel will still be responsible for co-ordinating the launch and sale of drugs, such as RAYALDEE. Furthermore, it was revealed that through this position, Nusbickel will be responsible for commercial activities, which extends to sales, marketing, and market access.