RepliCel Life Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:REPCF) Gets A Key Patent


RepliCel Life Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:REPCF) updated about the allowance of a prime patent in the U.S. covering cogs of the multi-needle dermal injection item. In the progression of cell treatment offerings for curing sun-damaged/aging skin and pattern baldness, the professional dermatology team identified a necessity for dermal injection know-how that brings best levels of control and precision to any substances injected into skin.

The details

RepliCel Life Sciences updated that the patent allowed by the USPTO links to know-how intended to support repeatable consistency and superb control of item deposition and needle measure. It links to the element utilized to numb the skin before the substance is injected with the planned impact of lowering, if not completely eliminating, the necessity for local numbing before aesthetic dose course.

The first device being advanced under this patent is none other than ‘RCI-02’ which is made for administering soft tissue fillers through injections. If the recent report is studied, the count of minimally invasive cosmetic therapies performed countrywide in 2016 exceled 11 million; over 80% were for treatment of wrinkles and hyaluronic acid filler dosages, recording expenditure of nearly $3 billion. RCI-02 exhibits the nearest-term commercial prospect for the firm, which it intends to keep all set for market launch and to the scope of a commercial associate and co-development proprietor in 2018.

RepliCel Life Sciences announced that the unique device is being developed for the purpose of ‘RCS-01’ and ‘RCH-01’ injectable. Future versions will constitute the possibility of other injectable, including drugs, fat grafts and biologics.

The CEO of RepliCel, Lee R. Buckler, expressed that they are assured their patent estate for cell therapy as well as injectable devices give company’s offerings an industry exclusivity for a longer term. The allowance of patent is a prime addition to their IP portfolio, which will create increased value for stockholders.