Saddam Husseins Son Uday’s Lost Car Collection


udayUday Saddam Hussein al-Tikritti was the eldest son of the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.  Uday had a nasty reputation of torture, murder, and jealousy.  He once killed a valet driver of an Egyptian government official with an electric carving knife because the official had introduced his father to a younger woman that Saddam would later make his second wife.  Uday was also known to torture Iraqi athletes that didn’t perform up to his standards.  The man was by no means a humanitarian.  Uday Saddam Hussein was killed in 2003 by members of the United States Army in Mosul.  Before his death Uday has reportedly amassed a car collection that was believed to hold over 1,000 cars from all over the world.

Ferraris, Porsches, Rolls Royces, Chevrolets, Lamborghinis, and Plymouths were just some of his flock.  Many of the cars in the collection were damage in the U.S. bombings of the Iraq.  Others were destroyed and looted by angry Iraqis.  The United States Army blew up one of his seized collectables to demonstrate how car bombs worked.  That vehicle was a super rare Lamborghini LM-200.  Many pieces of Uday’s collection are yet to be found.  The country of Iraq is littered with underground bunkers and hidden facilities that many of the lost vehicles may take years to be uncovered.





15.  Lamborghini LM-200
There were only 328 of this Lamborghini SUV made.  It was given the nick name “Rambo Lambo”.  This isn’t the exact LM-200 Uday owned.  His was blown up by the US Army in a demonstration on car bombs.


14.  Ferrari Testarossa
Uday had a love of Ferraris.  They made up a large part of his collection.  This Testarossa was found locked away behind a gate at one of Uday’s compounds.


13.  A Fleet of Mercedes Limos
The son of Saddam had a fleet of Mercedes Limousines.  Why in the world someone would need a fleet of limos is beyond me but then again I don’t have the money that the Hussein’s did.


12.  Drop Tops for Days!
Uday Hussein loved his convertibles.  Part of his collection that has been found contains old european roadsters and Plymouth Prowlers.


11.  Gemballa M635 CSI
Here’s one of Uday’s BMWs.  This one in particular was originally a M635 CSI that was modified by Gemballa.  When these cars were being transformed by the company the price tag was twice of the original cost of the car.


10.  V-12 Love
One thing Uday loved and coveted more than Ferraris was V-12 engines.  When they happened to be in Ferraris it was a double bonus for him.  Here are two of his V-12 Ferraris that were found covered in dust and sand.


9.  A Wide Range of Vehicles
This picture proves the wide extent and diversity of Uday’s collection.  A Porsches, a Range Rover, and a Chevrolet Suburban sit wasting away amongst other makes and models.


9.  A Wide Range of Vehicles
This picture proves the wide extent and diversity of Uday’s collection.  A Porsches, a Range Rover, and a Chevrolet Suburban sit wasting away amongst other makes and models.


7.  Investments Turned to Junkyards
Many of Uday’s prizes have been looted and torn to pieces.  This example shows the extent of the dismantling many of his pieces met.


6.  BMW 520i
The BMW 520i was once a highly sought after car in the United States and Europe.  Uday was rumored to have several of these in his collection.  This one was left to rust away in a field.


5.  Spare Ferrari Parts Anyone
I’m not quite sure as to why Iraqi people would steal parts off this Ferrari that was part of Uday’s collection.  I doubt there is a big used Ferrari parts market in Iraq.


4.  Ferrari F40
It was rumored that Uday had two of the high powered Ferraris in his collection.  To this day only one has been found.


3.  So Many Testarossas…So Little Time
This US solider takes a photo op in one of Uday’s Ferrari Testarossas.  How did one man find time to drive or ride in all of these cars?


2.  Burn Baby Burn
Here we see another of Uday’s classic collection that has been torched.  This car had the potential to be sold for so much money that many Iraqis needed.  What a waste.


1.  Cars Weren’t The Only Things Found in His Collection
Uday was a connoisseur of more than just cars.  A large and wide ranging collection of gold platted guns were seized at one of his compounds.  The evil and rich get all the cool toys!


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