Saint Jean Carbon Inc (CVE:SJL) To Present Superconductor Paper At ICNFA17


Saint Jean Carbon Inc (CVE:SJL) reported that the University of Western Ontario and the company co-authored latest paper that is related to the advancement of thin superconductor by utilizing graphene-based items. This publication has been accepted for publication and presentation in the proceedings of ICNFA’17.

The expert view

Jin Zhang, Ph.D, stated that high-temperature superconductivity brought considerable breakthroughs in medicine, information technology and electric power technology. For decades, engineers and scientist have been taking key efforts to develop ultra-thin/thin superconductors at high temperature. The motive of using this process is to achieve the ultrahigh-speed processing and high energy-saving.

The most challenges to advance thin/ultra-thin HTS materials are linked to recognize the source of charge carrier, modify the interface between diverse composites to improve the current density, and, of course, a simple way to manufacture thin HTS materials. In the publication, Saint Jean demonstrated a simple procedure to incorporate superconductive nanoparticles in graphene sheets. This work could provide an alternative method to manufacture ultra-thin HTS materials in a controllable and easy fashion.

Paul Ogilvie, the CEO of Saint Jean, reported that they are extremely delighted when their work can stand out and there is so much other best quality research carried on across the world. Once the paper is issued they will post the publication to website. The company continue to extend the limits to graphene achievement with the hope, and that the technology will eventually find its course in to all sorts of varied applications.

Saint Jean is a popular carbon science company that is listed on Canadian stock exchange. It has specific interests in field of green energy creation, green re-creation and energy storage, with holdings in other sectors including graphite mining in the province of Quebec.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Saint Jean jumped over 30% on massive volume of 7.46 million.