St. Jude Medical, Inc. (NYSE:STJ) Reports Insertion Of Leadless Pace Maker In Phase 2 Tests


Dallas, Texas 02/10/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) Medical instrument and equipment manufacturer St. Jude Medical, Inc. (NYSE:STJ) which boats of a market cap of $17.92 billion disclosed on 8th February that it had successfully completed the implant of a “Nanostim” leadless pace maker in the heart of a patient as part of its efforts to gain the go head from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its “LEADLESS II pivotal trial”. The press release claimed that the world’s first retrievable and more importantly non surgical pace maker was successfully implanted into  a cardio patient at the The Mount Sinai Hospital by noted cardio surgeon Dr Vivek Reddy.

Terming the under development non lead pace makers as an radically new and non-surgical approach to insert a pacemaker into patients suffering from heart rhythm issues, Dr Vivek Reddy who is the co chair of the study and is also serving as the director of Electrophysiology Services at The Mount Sinai Hospital in addition to leading the Steering Committee of the study as its chairman, has been quoted to have said that, “This new-age, tiny pacemaker may ultimately be safer for patients because it doesn’t have leads or have to be inserted under the skin of a patient’s chest, like a traditional cardiac pacemaker. I believe this pioneering, compact device, which is placed directly inside the heart, may be a true game-changing technology in cardiovascular medicine and may help revolutionize care for patients with arrhythmias.”

The “Nanostim leadless pacemaker” being tested under the phase 2 clinical trial has been programmed to be inserted directly in the heart of the patient, without having to conduct surgery involving scar generation and insertion of insulated wires as is currently being done in positioning traditional pace makers. The USP of this leadless pace maker is the fact that it is fully retrievable during and post the procedure.