Eyecarrot Innovation’s (EYC:TSX.V / EYCCF:OTC) patented vision-based neurotechnology “reprograms” the brain to enhance human performance.

It’s already being used by the Chicago Cubs (MLB), Dallas Stars (NHL) and Sporting Kansas City (MLS). And now, top athletes across the world are rapidly embracing the proprietary tech.

But Eyecarrot has bigger plans…

EYC wants to go mainstream– and take the
$600 billion sports industry by storm. If you missed out on Peloton (PTON – Nasdaq) or Fitbit (FIT – NYSE), don’t miss out on this!

It’s been a secret of superstar athletes for years…

Michael Jordan

Steph Curry

Even perennial NFL pro-bowler Larry Fitzergerald

All these top-level athletes believe it’s one of the most underrated contributors to their success.

It helped NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard develop his ball-handling skills (he said, “It’s like the ball is moving in slow motion”).

It helped former NHL goaltender Dwayne Roloson gain a competitive edge over younger players…

And it helped the U.S. Air Force Academy.  After a six-week regimen, athletic performance improved between 24% and 114%.

No, these people weren’t bit by radioactive spiders or given superpowers overnight.

These seemingly massive leaps in human abilities stem from a breakthrough form of vision-based neuroscience.

And Eyecarrot Innovations (EYC:TSXV, EYCCF:OTC), is bringing it to the masses.

The potential here is reminiscent of Peloton (PTON – Nasdaq) five years ago.  And like Peloton, this could be a tremendous opportunity for investors.

Let me explain…

EyeCarrot’s Technology Could be the Key to Unlocking Untapped Potential

Eyecarrot has patented “Binovi”, a proprietary neurotechnology platform that can improve speed, cognition and reflexes.

It can enhance attention, visual interpretation and decision making, even working memory.

And more importantly, it can unlock untapped potential in you

Your son…

Or your daughter.

In fact, this technology pushes the boundaries of human capabilities.  It can help almost anyone reach their peak performance.

Now, historically this kind of technology was reserved only for the elite of the elite.

But Eyecarrot is taking its platform mainstream.

It wants to take the $600 billion sports industry by storm… and completely transform how the next generation of young athletes train.

In fact, the total size of the youth sports market available to Eyecarrot is staggering

Eyecarrot’s Potential Market is Simply Mind-Boggling…

In the US alone, more than 45 million kids play sports under the age of 15.

An additional 7.8 million high school students also play.

And in the NCAA, there are over 460,000 high-performance student-athletes.

Every single one of these athletes uses sports training equipment.

In fact, a whopping $33 billion dollars is spent on sports equipment each year.

New weights, cleats, bands, training programs — anything that can give an athlete an “edge”, is gobbled up.

When fractions of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing…  or between getting cut or making the team… or even making and missing out on millions, the smallest advantage is crucial.

And this is where Eyecarrot’s patented neurotechnology comes in.

It’s essentially another piece of sports equipment — but one that trains the most highly impactful part of your body.

Let me explain…

>>See the science behind Eyecarrot’s technology in action.<<

Eyecarrot’s Secret to Enhancing Performance

You see, the qualities that set an elite athlete apart aren’t just muscles, skills, and endurance.

It’s also the decision-making capacity in the mind.

Quick-fire chemical reactions in the brain, combined with muscle control and coordination, enable an athlete to make the right movements at the right time… when they matter most.

It leads to more points scored, more wins, and more championships

In games that can be decided by inches or milliseconds, the slightest advantage could be the deciding factor that changes the outcome.

And of all the organs in the human body, the most vital to the brain are the eyes.

In fact, humans receive up to 80% of all input through their eyesight.

In a typical sport environment, that number jumps even higher and accounts for as much as 90% of all sensory input.

So, it should come as no surprise that vision-based neuroscience represents one of the greatest opportunities to impact performance.

Profound Improvements in Neuro-Visual Skills

Mary Potter, an MIT professor of brain and cognitive sciences, said, “the job of the eyes is not only to get the information into the brain, but to allow the brain to think about it rapidly enough to know what you should look at next.”

Eyecarrot’s state-of-the-art Binovi platform sharpens neural-optical connections and hones the brain’s ability to quickly process visual cues and control muscles accordingly.

Its technology is so effective because half of all neural connections in the human brain are involved in visual function (including cortical, subcortical, cerebellar, and brainstem networks).

Strengthen these neural connections, and it translates into improvements on the field.

And indeed, the results have been astounding…

Major Sports Teams Use Eyecarrot’s Technology

For the past five years Eyecarrot has been quietly training elite athletes behind closed doors to prove the power of its technology.

  • Kurt Andrews, Director of Sports Medicine for MLS team Sporting KC:“The game of soccer can be heavily impacted by the different components of an athlete’s eye; visual acuity, depth perception, “blind spots”, visual recognition, and hand eye coordination. With Binovi Touch, vision training will become a tremendous asset for each athlete and it will help to enhance their game on the field.”
  • Luke Campbell | Professional Boxer, Olympic gold medalist, Commonwealth champion“Thanks to Binovi and with the help of my trainer Gilberto Gonzales, my hand-eye reaction time has improved and I’m feeling the benefits in the ring. Binovi Touch has definitely upped my game.”
  • Bryce Salvador, Former NHL Captain – New Jersey Devils“Sports vision training enabled me to see the game in a way that I hadn’t before. And after a cochlear concussion left me sidelined for an entire hockey season, it played a crucial role in my return to playing hockey in the NHL.”

In fact, Eyecarrot’s technology has such an impressive impact on an athlete’s ability, the Chicago Cubs have partnered with them:

  • Justin Stone, the Chicago Cubs Director of Hitting and President of Elite Baseball Training, says the team is incorporating Binovi inside a new neuro-ocular addition to their training facility.

And it’s not just the Chicago Cubs salivating over the opportunity to improve their team with Eyecarrot’s revolutionary neurotechnology.

The NHL’s Dallas Stars have also starting using Binovi.

So has Sporting Kansas City of the MLS.

That’s three of the biggest professional sports clubs in North America.  And they’re bringing EyeCarrot’s technology in-house.

But that’s not all…

Eyecarrot has also struck a deal with Canada’s National Tennis team.

And another deal with Logan Cusson Racing — a top Formula 3 racing team.

The bottom line is that any athlete in nearly every sport can benefit from increased cognitive performance.

>>See a video on Eyecarrot’s Binovi and why investors are so excited here.<<

How Binovi Improves Your Brain:

Now, you might think using advanced neurotechnology like this is complicated.

But that’s the beauty of Eyecarrot’s Binovi (and one of the main reasons it could soon be adopted en masse).

The platform is as simple as it is genius…

Binovi consists of two main parts: Binovi Touch and Binovi Pro.

Binovi Touch is a next-generation visual training device built on 30+ years of vision therapy experience.

It’s the most powerful tool of its kind on the market.

Binovi Pro is a cloud-based app you can download on any smartphone or tablet.  It connects wirelessly with Binovi Touch and records the results of each training session.

Training on the platform starts with a test which measures 14 vision skills that are directly related to key cognitive functions and essential for maximizing brain performance.

Based on the findings, Binovi Pro creates a custom visual therapy exercise plan designed to improve visual and mental abilities.

These exercises can be done in a training facility with the help of a trainer, or in the comfort of your home using Binovi’s extensive built-in video library.

That’s not all…

Binovi Pro can also connect with a coach or optometric professional who can monitor and track progress remotely, allowing the experts to make recommendations and update the training regimen on-the-fly and in real-time.

The app-based, remote training aspect of Eyecarrot’s technology breaks new barriers. There’s nothing like it in the vision-based neuroscience space.

It could also be a major factor in mass adoption.

Here’s why…

EYC is Targeting the Largest Customer Base in History

We already know Eyecarrot is targeting a younger generation of athletes.

But an even bigger opportunity lies in the shifting demographics of society.

A recent report by Goldman Sachs found that Millennials are more dedicated to wellness, devoting more time and money to exercising and eating right than previous generations.

MarketWatch even wrote a report about the “insane amount millennials are spending on fitness”, and how it’s not unusual for individuals to spend more than $500 a month.

As a result, Millennials could be a major driver of growth for Eyecarrot.

In fact, they represent the largest generation in US history — a staggering 92 million people.

That’s bigger than Gen-X’ers (61 million). And bigger than the Baby Boomers (77 million).

But perhaps most importantly, Millennials are the world’s first “digital native” generation.  They grew up with the internet and smartphones in an always-on digital world.

App-based fitness and digital health companies are hugely popular — and some of the best performing investments on the planet.

Just look at the success of FitBit and Peloton…

Is Eyecarrot The Next Fitbit or Peloton?

In twelve short years, FitBit (FIT:NYSE) sold more than 100 million devices and signed-up 28 million active users.

The growth was so impressive that Google snatched it up for $2.1 billion, handing investors a huge payday in the process.

In fact, if you bought FIT stock just a few months earlier, you could have more than doubled-your-money.

Then there’s Peloton (PTON:NASD).

Peloton is one of the fastest growing health-tech companies ever.

In only eight years the company generated over $1 billion in sales. And today, it’s member base is a whopping 1.6 million users.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed with investors — they’ve furiously bought the stock in the past couple months, making it one of the top performers in the health improvement market.

Indeed, the profits that have been made on FIT and PTON are mouth-watering

Just imagine getting in on them back when growth was just starting — before their user base surged… and valuations shot through the roof.

Eyecarrot (EYC:TSX, EYCCF:OTC) today could be like Peloton and Fitbit in the early days.

In fact, the similarities are striking…

  • Eyecarrot has patented technology that improves health and performance — just like Peloton and Fitbit…
  • Eyecarrot has specialized hardware and cloud-based software that monitors and tracks performance — just like Peloton and Fitbit…
  • Eyecarrot can be used in the comfort of your own home, allowing users the flexibility to train and use the technology on their schedule — just like Peloton and Fitbit…
  • Eyecarrot has a premium monthly subscription service that monetizes its userbase for consistent, recurring incomejust like Peloton and Fitbit…
  • And Eyecarrot’s Binovi platform is scalable with massive market potentialjust like Peloton and Fitbit…

>>Renowned TV analyst picks Eyecarrot Innovations (EYC:TSX.V / EYCCF:OTC): see here.<<

In fact, Eyecarrot could soon take on one of the most lucrative industries on the planet

Health & Fitness Market is One of the Hottest on the Planet

Fitness is a $100 billion global industry.

In the U.S. alone, Americans spent more than $19 billion on gym memberships in 2016.

In fact, Forbes estimates that today about 20% of all Americans have a fitness club membership — a number that’s expected to double in the next 10-15 years.

That translates into a potential market of 125 million people actively seeking to improve their health and performance in the next decade.

And that’s just in the US.

Worldwide more than 183 million people have health club memberships. The number of health clubs also spikes to over 210,000.

Here’s why this is important…

Health clubs compete fiercely to sign-up new members and maintain current ones.

One of the key factors they use to differentiate themselves is to improve the customer experience.

Adding cutting-edge performance enhancement technology like Eyecarrot’s Binovi could be a major attraction.  It could also act as an incremental revenue source for health clubs, as they can upsell the use of a personal trainer with it — a win-win situation.

If Eyecarrot is able to tap just a fraction of fitness clubs, its potential revenue would multiply many-fold.

Think about it…

A modest five percent penetration of health clubs in the US translates into 1,900 facilities. Even if just 10 new people a month started using Eyecarrot at these facilities, it would mean 200,000+ users in the first year.

Worldwide, that number goes up exponentially.  A five percent penetration translates into more than 10,000 clubs… and potentially millions of users.

To put this in perspective, Peloton currently has 1.6 million users and has a market capitalization over $7 billion.  Eyecarrot is a fraction of that.

But that’s not all…

Another Major Market for Eyecarrot

Another potentially huge opportunity for Eyecarrot (EYC:TSXV, EYCCF:OTC) is educational enhancement centers like Kumon.

Kumon has a global footprint with more than four million students studying at nearly 25,000 learning centers worldwide.

Eyecarrot could be a perfect fit.

That’s because Eyecarrot’s neurotechnology works at the very core of the human brain.  It improves cognitive abilities and vision-related skills for anyone who uses it, not just athletes.

For example, as many as 1.6 million children each year are misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. These misdiagnoses are often due to vision-related disabilities that Eyecarrot’s technology can help correct.

Here alone is a major opportunity for Eyecarrot to make an impact.

Momentum Behind Eyecarrot is Gaining Steam…

It’s already being used by the Chicago Cubs, Dallas Stars, and Sporting Kansas City.

It’s also signed up Tennis Canada, a Formula 3 Racing Team, and an Olympic gold medalist.

Now, it’s started to push into the highly lucrative youth market, opening the doors to more than 50 million young athletes.

The bottom line is this: Eyecarrot Innovations could be on the verge of a major growth spurt.

It’s patented neurotechnology can enhance cognitive and physical abilities. It’s quickly being adopted by the mass market. And it’s userbase could soon spike.

You may have missed out on Peloton and Fitbit. Don’t miss out on the next one!

Download an Eyecarrot Innovations (EYC:TSX.V, EYCCF:OTC) investor package here.

Or call the investor hotline at 1-855-416-7158 and ask for Terry.

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