The World’s Most Technology-Forward Oil and Gas Superstar Is Hiding in Utah


Cleanest extraction ever, blockchain management, potential in the billions…

This is the next great event in the oil and gas world that you do not want to miss…

An experienced Fortune 500 Energy exec has commandeered a new playground to innovate. We predict investors will make millions because he’s already succeeding…

Former Exxon president Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Bailey is turning his new company, Petroteq (OTC:PQEFF, TSX:PQE) into a virtual incubator for what the oil business will look like in the future.

The Technology Company That Promises and Delivers

Petroteq wants it known that it’s not just an oil company. It’s a tech company in the oil business. That’s why its energy-business experienced founders recruited Bailey for president.

Thanks to this farsighted and ambitious team, PQE is kicking off the next big thing in oil with two bold moves destined to change the industry.

In the very near future, PQE is bringing powerful blockchain data management to the oil patch. The same uncrackable coding technology behind Bitcoin.

But right away, investors can expect the stock to explode on this news: PQE is delivering clean oil… and leaving a clean site behind when the work is done.

With no greenhouse gases and zero waste.

At the Muddy End of the Field, PEQ Cleans Up Great

Bailey is unhappy about oil’s dirty reputation.

Especially oil from bituminous deposits, “tar sands.”

Alberta’s tar sands have become an ecological nightmare. So awful that energy companies are barred from a lot of viable sources in other countries and states where people won’t tolerate scorched landscapes.

But Bailey has a clean approach, and he’s on a mission to prove that Petroteq can reap rich petroleum from Utah’s unspoiled oil sands and put the sand back 99% clean.

Since 2015, the Petroteq team has been testing and honing its patented technology to produce oil from “tar sands,” or bituminous rock. The PQE process is cheaper, more efficient and cleaner than anything in use anywhere else.

In fact, it’s turning black rock into white sand and valuable oil.

Follow This Trail to Amazing Results

There’s nothing we love more than a company that seems to come out of nowhere are rewrite the rules for its whole industry.

That’s what Petroteq is doing today.

This is a new company, one that oil industry insiders know about… because oil industry insiders have built it from the ground up to prove a point about a brighter, cleaner future for the oil industry.

Adventurous Game Changers Open

Billion-Dollar Markets in O&G

This is a watershed moment in oil and gas production that I hope you will profit from.

If history repeats—as it seems to do over and over in the oil business—there are billions ahead for PQE, the innovator.

Because, despite its he-man, wildcatting image, oil the oil and gas business doesn’t try many experiments.  Everyone hums along, doing the same thing for years between major innovations.

Until some brave soul like shows the boys that his idea works better, saves money, and produces more O&G.

Then it’s a pile on. Every time. Nothing does “zero to hero” better than the energy business

That’s why PEQ is so enticing now.

This Is How Billion-Dollar Markets Are Born

The newest, proven ideas in oil and gas may come rarely, but they turn into billion-dollar babies everyone in the industry wants to use. Like these breakthroughs:

  • High performance water-based drilling muds were introduced in 2004. They now make up 55% of the $1.5 billion spend every year in the US on drilling fluids.[i]
  • Horizontal drilling went commercial on a small scale in the 1970s. Today more than three-fourths of high-producing wells (<400 barrels a day) are drilled horizontally.
  • The first 3D seismic survey was tested in 1978. In 2017, 3G surveys dominated the $7.5 billion seismic survey market.

We believe PQE’s next two breakthroughs will write the next chapter in oil and gas history.

  • Clean processing of oil sands with no greenhouse gas emissions and no waste
  • Blockchain consortiums for tight management.

This Technology Is Already Proved!

Petroteq has already extracted 10,000 barrels of oil at the original plant on its site in Maeser, Utah. With amazing results.

The process recovered over 98% of the oil in the rock.

It produced no greenhouse gases.

And the end results were barrels of salable oil and clean sand that could be returned to the site or sold.

PQE is now expanding on that success. Last year, it moved its plant to a better location and set about improving it.

It’s all systems go now. And because the system is modular, Petroteq can rapidly scale it up.


• 1,000+ barrels a day in early 2018.

• 5,000 barrels per day capacity by 2019

Potential to scale up to 30,000 barrels a day at this site in the future

That spells major success!

A 1,000 bpd rate is more than twice the average production rates in the world-famous Bakken [ii] and Eagle Ford fields[iii].

It’s nearly 70X the average Texas well these days[iv].

PEQ Can Achieve Double-Digit Profitability on Oil at ANY Price

Half the companies in the shale oil business don’t break even until oil prices to go $60 a barrel[v].

The great news for PQE investors is that they never have to worry about breaking even when oil prices are low. Petroteq will still turn a profit.

The bottom price for oil in the past five years for oil was $38 a barrel. Even at that miserable price, PQE could still turn a $20 a barrel profit once it scales up to full production.

At $45 a barrel, where oil’s lows usually stop before the price rises again, PQE would be wildly profitable.

And at $60 a barrel, which could bring a lot more other companies back to the game…. PQE’s profits would be almost 2 ½ times its costs!

That’s because PQE’s proprietary technology can produce oil at just $22 a barrel right now, in its startup phase. But by 2019, that should drop to production costs of just $18 a barrel.

Utah This Year, 20 Countries Waiting

Petroteq has proved it can succeed bringing oil from Utah’s bituminous fields, and that’s a much bigger deal than it seems.

Utah is not oil-sands-central. In fact, all the oil-sands production in the entire continental US don’t even elevate America in the top 10 countries worldwide.

AS for Utah… Three years ago there were only two companies willing to find out if they could work Utah’s vast tar sand deposits profitably.  The other company is a hair’s breadth away from bankruptcy.

That leaves Petroteq alone and in charge! It’s producing oil from bitumen deposits in Utah.

For real. Cleanly and efficiently.  And PQE holds paid-up leases on 3,000 acres of land with an estimated 87 million barrels of oil on Asphalt Ridge in the Uinta Basin, Utah.

Asphalt Ridge is a company-maker, for sure with PQE’s technology. But the potential goes right around the world.

There are 20 other countries with bitumen deposits like the ones at Asphalt Ridge.  PQE 2 to license its technology globally for even greater revenues. 

The Dream Achieved

There is no doubt left.  PQE has already produced the first 10,000 barrels on its Utah property as a proof of concept.

Its patented process works.

That’s enough information to give us some confidence looking forward.

After building out the first phase of its processing plant the way it desired, PQE is ready to run full throttle.  It plans to produce 5,000 bpd next year. That should reap $40 million in net revenues per year.

That’s why I see a big win for PEQ investors. That level of production points toward a stock hitting $5.50 in the next six months… a fast 207% increase.

Investors would quickly triple their capital at that rate.

$2,000 would grow to $6,140…

$5,000 would swell to $15,350 by next summer!

And Back at the Office, An Even Bigger Breakthrough

As a pure oil company, is a smart, solid investment on that part of the business alone.

But it’s a brilliant investment when you factor in the blockchain innovation in the works.

Petrobloq is the other half of PQE’s business. It’s developing supply chain management for the oil business using blockchain technology.

Of course, geeks know what that means. So do the crypto-coin traders and miners involved in Bitcoin and similar companies.

What the rest of us should know is that blockchain technology is the future.

It’s Windows in 1985… cloud computing in 2006… and maybe even better.

DeLoitte Advises It, McKinsey Praises It… Blockchain Systems Are the Future

Blockchain technology is an open-ledger system that requires collaboration among users to operate.

A company with field employees spread over wide ranges, office employees in a different spot, vendors, buyers, contractors, suppliers and others in yet more locations could certainly use it.

But the growing trend is blockchain consortiums—groups of companies that work together.

According to Deloitte consulting, Blockchain consortiums are already strong in the financial services business. But Petroteq is the sole pioneer in energy and resources.

And if you’re wondering why anyone else will want in… the answer is safety and money.


Transparent, Safe, Cheap… What’s Not to Love?

Remember I said that the oil and gas business is slow to change? This chart from McKinsey backs me up.

The scale across the bottom is for digitization. Not the “extraction” is way to the left… barely digitized.

Now look at the vertical scale. The higher a company is, the richer its profits. And extraction industries are low on that scale too.

It’s a simple proposition. Technology boosts profits, and blockchain is the most powerful data and information handling system yet invented.

Hot Now, Hotter Later

Put it together. Petroteq is mining Utah oil sands right now. It expects to bring in $40 million next year on 5,000 barrels a day…

After that, it’s shooting for 30,000 barrels a day—which means $240 million a year.

And PQE ran those estimates using low oil prices. I expect they’ll be much higher.

Those numbers are so good that this stock should climb rapidly from less than $2 a share today to $5.50 in six months, to over $25. in the next three years—a 1.297% increase from today’s price.

Imagine that in your pocket:

$5,000 invested today becomes $15,350 within six months

Then grows to $69,85 in two to three years!

That’s a great reason to own Petroteq. And here are a few more…

8 Reasons You Should Own Petroteq

  1. Visionary Management. I’ve told you about Jerry Bailey, the president because he’s passionate about improving the industry. But the two founders Aleksandr Blyumkin the CEO and Vladimir Podlipsky the CTO embraced the idea of a tech-driven oil and gas company first. Blyumkin has 20 years in the business, all over the world. And Podlipsky has 23 as a research chemist.
  2. Immediately Upgrading Facility. The test facility that proved PQE’s process works has already been upgraded to produce 4X as much oil. That was step 1.

Next step—in 2019, Petroteq will multiply its total capacity by another 5X.  This is a modular system that can be easily scaled up.

  1. Low-cost, low-impact technology. Oil produced as low as $18 a barrel leaves plentiful room for profits. And there’s no reason to worry it will have to shut down if prices fall.
  2. Belongs to API. American Petroleum Institute membership carries prestige. It announces that Petroteq is a professional member of the oil and gas fraternity, which goes far to reassure financiers and Wall Street that Petroteq is sound.
  3. Blockchain Pioneer. The finance industry has adopted blockchain but Petroteq is the leader in creating blockchain supply chain management for the oil and gas industry.
  4. Bringing in the $$$ Already. Even the pilot test of PQE’s patented oil extraction system generated revenues. From here it explodes… to $40 million in expected profits next year.
  5. Financial Soundness. Not only is PQE creating cash flow already, it has strong financing—a total commitment of $9.9 million—for its expansion plans from Deloro Energy.
  6. The Clincher—A Low Stock Price for a High Reward Potential. Priced under $2 a share, all PQE needs to do is meet its target production, and then you should see its stock soar to $5.50 or better within months. Or hang on until you see it reach $25 and claim your own 1,297% win.

Please don’t let this opportunity get away. Take a look at Petroteq now. Check out the website. This is an outstanding company that is about to surprise the whole oil and gas industry.

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Like I said at the start–This is the next great event in the oil and gas world that you do not want to miss!






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