To Create Leading Global Injectables Platform The Mylan Inc (NASDAQ:MYL) Completes Acquisition Of Agila


Dallas, Texas 12/09/2013 (Financialstrend) – Mylan Inc (NASDAQ:MYL) recently announced that it has completed the much talked acquisition of Agila so that they can create a leading global injectable platform.  Currently the Agila is with Strides Acrolab Limited and the entire deal is estimated to be worth $1.75 billion worth in value. It also includes $250 million in contingent consideration. Since the day initial announcement has been made the final transaction terms are also being restructured to include some more term and conditions such as contingent consideration or hold back consideration. All this will also include whole $250 million of the potential $1.75 billion total purchase price or in part to Strides Acrolab limited and only upon satisfaction of certain regulatory conditions. Moreover provision for an enhanced escrow arrangement to fund any potential regulatory remediation costs.

After this announcement the Mylan’s president Rajiv Malik told everybody that the acquisition of Agila will transform their company into global leader in the injectables research and development as well as manufacturing.

The Donation made by the Mylan and the Elton John AIDS foundation

Recently the Mylan Inc (NASDAQ:MYL) and Elton John AIDS foundation donated $1million to the Nigeria for the elimination of Mother-to-child HIV transmission. Nigeria is facing HIV AIDS problem in a big number and has about 3.4 million people living with HIV and out them there are approximately 60,000 children who are infected with deadly virus in last one year alone. It is also the same nation that has largest mother-to-child infection rate in the world and many big corporates and pharmaceutical companies are coming forward for the noble cause.

In face recently the global community led by the UNAIDS and the US president’s emergency plan for AIDS Relief started a new Global plan to eliminate the mother-to-child transmission of this deadly virus.