Two Patients Suits Filed By The Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:IDIX) Against Gilead


Dallas, Texas 12/09/2013 (Financialstrend) – Recently┬áIdenix Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:IDIX) declared that it has lodged 2 different patient lawsuits against the Gilead Sciences. The first one is a patent violation claim in Boston, Massachusetts at the United States District Court and the second one is a patent infringement and interference lawsuit in Wilmington, Delaware at the United States District Court.

The first lawsuit says that Gilead has infringed two US patents which are owned by the Idenix Pharma, for treating the hepatitis C virus using 2′-methyl nucleosides. Moreover the Idenix Pharma is also trying to make Gilead declare that it is distributing, importing, using and selling drug containing sofosbuvir which is a 2-methyl nucleoside compound which infringes with Idenix patents.

The second lawsuit filed at Delaware, United States District Court states that Gilead infringes another separate US patent owned by Idenix that covers different methods of treating hepatitis C virus using 2′-methyl-2′-fluoro nucleosides.

Some more ongoing patent disputes

Apart from the above said lawsuits there are some more lawsuits that have been filed by the Idenix against the Gilead such as pending Idenix patent application which covers certain 2′- methyl, 2′- fluoro nucleoside compounds with another patent granted to Gilead. It is also related to certain 2′- methyl, 2′- fluoro nucleoside compounds.

But Gilead has also attacked them back by filing a lawsuit against Idenix to invalidate the patents being granted to Idenix for addressing some 2′-methyl-2′-fluoro nucleoside compounds and their utilization in dealing HCV or other Flaviviridae viruses.

Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:IDIX) is a firm that is headquartered in Massachusetts and is a major biopharma company that discovers and develops medicines for the cure of different human viral diseases. The current and most talked about project is the treatment of patients with hepatitis C infection and some more dream projects.