Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.(NASDAQ:VNDA) Stakes on Tasimelteon


Dallas, Texas 11/11/2013 (Financialstrend) – Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.(NASDAQ:VNDA) is now in the last few laps, for its drug – tasimelteon, better known by its commercial name HETLIOZ.

Speaking post announcement of excellent third quarter results for 2013, the senior executives of Vanda, admit the company’s future will be linked to tasimelteon receiving Food and Drug Authority’s approval.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc, Miheal H.Polymeropoulos, announced that the past quarter has seen the company remaining focused on tasimelteon, as the drug moves toward Non-24 authorization. Besides, the preparations for the commercial launch of tasimelteon too have taken much of the management’s engagement.

Vanda is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies which rely on bio agents to develop drugs and solutions for the centeral nervous system disorders segment. The main product line for Vanda, in the past 10 years nearly, has been tasimelteon which shall be used to treat the spectrum of disorders known as – circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Currently, this drug is in the non-24 clinical development phase with Two people efficacy already established. Other important drugs, currently on Vanda’s manifesto are – Fanapt, a drug which will eventually help schizophrenia. Currently only the oral composition of this drug is available in the United states, though marketed by another pharma major- Novartis Pharma AG.

For VandaVLY-686, which is essentially a molecule, to be used as the antagonist, for neurokinin-1 receptor(NK-1R) is also an important drug.

Vanda continues its acclaimed research and development processes in various central nervous system disorders, and has a strong pipeline.

Investors are readily interested in this strong bio-pharma stockpile and Vanda has been attracting investors for the past quarter.

Additionally, the safety database that Vanda offers for tasimelteon, along with safety profile which is highly characterized, holds good promise for approval by FDA.   The safety profile has ensured that it is well –tolerated and can be recommended for long term and chronic use.