VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd.(CVE:VPT) Updates On Progress Of Heart Analysis System

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd.

VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd.(CVE:VPT) has submitted an application with Health Canada for nod of the extension of the VMS™ heart analysis system to include left atrium (LA), left ventricle (LV) and right atrium (RA) chambers of the heart. The system is already approved in Canada for the RV use. This expansion enables the determination of function and volume for all chambers of the heart utilizing conventional 2D ultrasound and lessens the need for delayed and costly MRI exams.

The update

Dr. George Adams, the CEO of VentriPoint, reported that they are delighted to report they have successfully tested and built the KBR databases for the right atrium, left atrium and left ventricle to get results considerably comparable to gold-standard MRI. This will allow patients to be fully assessed utilizing 2D ultrasound and allow for improved monitoring of changes in the function and anatomy of the heart.

There is a need to understand that each heart chamber is important and how the heart is working in the different kinds of heart disease. For instance, it has been known that changes in left atrium function are vital in predicting results, which are required to properly conduct patient monitoring in heart failure, ischemic heart disease, aortic stenosis, non-ischemic cardiomyopathies, atrial fibrillation and hypertension.

The LA size is impacted by heart adaptations in different cardiovascular diseases and a solid predictor of cardiovascular severity as well as death. However, the intricate shape of the right atrium makes it tough to compute volumes precisely even by means of MRI, where high heart rate can lead to clinically-relevant slips.

Measurement of right and left atrial size is vital for the management of valvular, congenital heart and arrhythmias disease. The left ventricle is the prime pumping chamber of the heart. It is linked with different types of heart disease. VentriPoint is working on official submissions to other jurisdictions.