VG Life Sciences Inc(OTCMKTS:VGLS) Reports Encouraging Updates on Physician-IND Phase I Study


Dallas, Texas 03/18/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) –  VG Life Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:VGLS) this week shared an update on its Physician-IND Phase I Study. This study was conducted at Cancer Therapy and ResearchCenter at University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio and according to the company’s reports it has produced encouraging results in cohort 3. The objective of this study is to wane the drug resistant cancer cells so that they may be sensitized to further treatments as well as become susceptible to the body’s immune system. During the clinical trial, it was noticed a patient with metastatic ovarian cancer for 4 months the disease become stable, and  also the disease in stable mode going in its fifth month in a patient with triple negative breast cancer. It also reported final patient in cohort #3 has stage IV (metastatic) adenocarcinoma of the lung. The company has patented this combination of treatment. The company also reported cohort #4 which has enrolled first 3 patients has approval for expansion from university’s Data Safety Monitoring Committee. It is expected the study could be completed in about 60 – 90 days.

VG Life Sciences Inc Increases Company Shares with Share holders Approval

VG Life Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:VGLS) a California based company with a market cap of $1.81million biotechnology company focuses on discovering and developing drug cure for cancer, inflammatory, autoimmune disorders and infectious disease. The company earlier this year increased its share by 150,000k with approval from holders having a majority of the votes of the Company on December 31, 2013. This provides the company with adequate shares to cover the existing programs and ensure there is enough fund for the future events. The company also holds over 50 US and international patents and pending patents pertaining to its biotechnology.