What triggered [market_watch ticker=VNCE item=name value=”Vince Holding Corp.”] ([market_watch ticker=VNCE item=ticker value=”NYSE: VNCE”]) into motion?


[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=2 value=”Vince Holding Corp.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=1 value=”VNCE”])?s shares have moved between a high of $[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=57 value=”-91.31%”] and a low of $[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=58 value=”122.64%”] over the previous 12 months.

For the last 50 days, the equity has risen to a peak price of $[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=55 value=”-37.66%”] and hit a bottom of $[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=56 value=”122.64%”].

[intr_chart ticker=VNCE src=”http://www.financialstrend.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/-VNCE.png”]

[intr_bto ticker=VNCE content=”ICAgIFRoZSBCYXJjaGFydCBUZWNobmljYWwgT3BpbmlvbiByYXRpbmcgaXMgYSA0MCUgQnV5IHdpdGggYSBBdmVyYWdlIHNob3J0IHRlcm0gb3V0bG9vayBvbiBtYWludGFpbmluZyB0aGUgY3VycmVudCBkaXJlY3Rpb24uICAgICBMb25nZXIgdGVybSwgdGhlIHRyZW5kIHN0cmVuZ3RoIGlzIFdlYWsuICAgICAgICA=”]

Recently, [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=2 value=”Vince Holding Corp.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=1 value=”VNCE”]) announced that on moving volumes, the 20-Day Simple Moving Average of stock is $[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=52 value=”24.69%”], 50-Day SMA is $[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=53 value=”24.69%”] and 200-Day SMA is $[finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=54 value=”-76.81%”].

The equity is now moved [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=47 value=”-80.84%”]% for the year. Over the previous six months it has recorded movement of [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=45 value=”-81.75%”]%, compared with a movement of [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=44 value=”-42.53%”]% for the quarter, [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=43 value=”41.00%”]% for the month and [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=42 value=”64.82%”]% for the week.

The average volume, which is a measurement of three-months average, is [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=63 value=”1.30M”]. Relative volume hand is [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=64 value=”1.21″]. In total, [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=2 value=”Vince Holding Corp.”] has [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=24 value=”49.43M”] shares due, with [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=25 value=”49.29M”] of them being free float shares.

The equity?s short float stands at [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=30 value=”12.91%”], leading to a short ratio of [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=31 value=”4.90″].

Institutional investors own [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=28 value=”83.50%”] of [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=2 value=”Vince Holding Corp.”]?s equity, while insiders own [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=26 value=”0.30%”] of the stock. In the last few months, the equity has seen [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=29 value=”-0.01%”] institutional investor transactions, as against [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=27 value=”0.00%”] insider transactions.

How have the shareholders seen their investment in the equity change? [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=2 value=”Vince Holding Corp.”]?s return on equity for the previous 12 months is [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=33 value=”-269.00%”]% and return on investments for a same period calculates to [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=34 value=”-461.80%”]%. The firm posted return on assets of [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=32 value=”-53.40%”]% for the same 12 months period.

Does [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=2 value=”Vince Holding Corp.”] can keep its doors open at least over the interim? The firm?s current ratio at the close of the recent quarter was [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=35 value=”1.80″], while quick ratio for the equivalent period was [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=36 value=”1.00″].

For the debt matters, the firm?s Long Term Debt/Equity for the recent quarter was [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=37 value=”-“] and Total Debt/Equity for the equivalent period was [finviz_code ticker=VNCE item=38 value=”-“].