Why [market_watch ticker=OI item=name value=”Owens-Illinois Inc.”] ([market_watch ticker=OI item=ticker value=”NYSE: OI”]) might degenerate?


[finviz_code ticker=OI item=2 value=”Owens-Illinois, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=OI item=1 value=”OI”]) net profit margin was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=41 value=”2.80%”]%. The firm?s Return on Assets were [finviz_code ticker=OI item=32 value=”2.00%”]%. At the end of the day, the stock posted a Market Cap of $[finviz_code ticker=OI item=6 value=”3.97B”] in the [finviz_code ticker=OI item=4 value=”Packaging & Containers”] Industry.

[intr_chart ticker=OI src=”http://www.financialstrend.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/-OI.png”]

[intr_bto ticker=OI content=”ICAgIFRoZSBCYXJjaGFydCBUZWNobmljYWwgT3BpbmlvbiByYXRpbmcgaXMgYSAxMDAlIEJ1eSBhbmQgcmFua3MgaW4gdGhlIFRvcCAxJSBvZiBhbGwgc2hvcnQgdGVybSBzaWduYWwgZGlyZWN0aW9ucy4gICAgIExvbmdlciB0ZXJtLCB0aGUgdHJlbmQgc3RyZW5ndGggaXMgTWF4aW11bS4gICBMb25nIHRlcm0gaW5kaWNhdG9ycyBmdWxseSBzdXBwb3J0IGEgY29udGludWF0aW9uIG9mIHRoZSB0cmVuZC4gICAgIFRoZSBtYXJrZXQgaXMgaW4gaGlnaGx5IG92ZXJib3VnaHQgdGVycml0b3J5LiBCZXdhcmUgb2YgYSB0cmVuZCByZXZlcnNhbC4gICAg”]

Recently, [finviz_code ticker=OI item=2 value=”Owens-Illinois, Inc.”] (NASDAQ:[finviz_code ticker=OI item=1 value=”OI”]) posted a total traded volume of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=67 value=”279,291″], and the stock recorded a change of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=66 value=”1.15%”] in the previous trading session. The firm posted a 52-Week High of $[finviz_code ticker=OI item=57 value=”0.88%”] and a52-Week Low of $[finviz_code ticker=OI item=58 value=”46.31%”]. The monthly Volatility of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=2 value=”Owens-Illinois, Inc.”] stood at [finviz_code ticker=OI item=51 value=”1.65%”].

[finviz_code ticker=OI item=2 value=”Owens-Illinois, Inc.”] announced EPS of $[finviz_code ticker=OI item=16 value=”1.21″]. This exhibits a growth of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=17 value=”54.70%”]% in EPS this year against to what was recorded last financial year and exhibits an overall growth of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=19 value=”19.50%”]% over the past five year. The firm is now predicting an EPS growth of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=20 value=”8.02%”]% in the next five years.

[finviz_code ticker=OI item=2 value=”Owens-Illinois, Inc.”]?s ownership was divided with insider ownership amounting to [finviz_code ticker=OI item=26 value=”0.70%”] while institutionaloOwnership came at [finviz_code ticker=OI item=28 value=”98.90%”]. Total insider transactions were [finviz_code ticker=OI item=27 value=”-1.81%”] and total Institutional transactions were [finviz_code ticker=OI item=29 value=”-0.09%”].

Return on Assets reported was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=32 value=”2.00%”]%. Return on Equity for the fiscal year was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=33 value=”50.80%”]% while Return on Investments was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=34 value=”4.20%”]%. The firm ended the year with a Total Debt/Equity of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=38 value=”11.25″] out of which Long Term Debt/Equity was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=37 value=”10.86″]. Current and quick ratio was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=35 value=”1.30″] and [finviz_code ticker=OI item=36 value=”0.70″] respectively.

The firm posted a gross margin of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=39 value=”18.00%”]% and an operating margin of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=40 value=”4.90%”]%. The company has [finviz_code ticker=OI item=24 value=”163.52M”] stock outstanding at a price of $[finviz_code ticker=OI item=65 value=”24.58″] per share.

[finviz_code ticker=OI item=2 value=”Owens-Illinois, Inc.”] [finviz_code ticker=OI item=1 value=”OI”] has posted a dividend yield of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=14 value=”-“]%. EPS growth recorded this year was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=17 value=”54.70%”]%. For the past 5 years, the company has recorded EPS growth of [finviz_code ticker=OI item=19 value=”19.50%”]% with EPS growth for the imminent year projected to be [finviz_code ticker=OI item=18 value=”8.55%”]% while EPS growth for the subsequent five years is projected to be [finviz_code ticker=OI item=20 value=”8.02%”]%.

P/E was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=7 value=”20.17″] while Forward P/E was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=8 value=”8.99″]. P/S was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=10 value=”0.59″] and P/Cash was [finviz_code ticker=OI item=12 value=”12.74″].

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