Word Gets Out About The Discovery Of A Mountain Of Silver


We’ve been telling you about New Pacific Metals (NUAG.V; NUPMF.OTCQX) and its massive Silver Sand discovery.

Now the word is getting out to other investors, and the share price is beginning to take off.

It’s not too late to get on board, and here’s why…

Dear Fellow Investor,

Our readers were the first to learn about New Pacific Metals (NUAG.V; NUPMF.OTCQX) and its extraordinary Silver Sand discovery.

They were the first to learn that a massive target — which is showing signs of growing to one of the world’s largest silver deposits — was 100% owned by this still-small company.

That advantage is quickly evaporating as the rest of the world is rapidly joining the party…and beginning to send New Pacific’s share price soaring.

One example: Highly regarded financial publisher Stansberry Research recently came out with a buy recommendation on New Pacific Metals (NUAG.V; NUPMF.OTCQX).

What do they think of the company? They said that while New Pacific “…may have only one silver mine project in its portfolio, that project could turn into the most valuable silver mine in the world.”

What do they think of the Silver Sand project? They said it could host a “world-class” 385 million ounces of silver…and eventually produce 50% more silver every year than any other silver mine in the world.

My bottom line: I agree completely with their analysis.

In fact, if an investor is bullish at all on gold and silver (and they should be), they simply can’t let this bull market progress without owning a stake in New Pacific Metals.

The upside potential is that large.

If you’re new to the story, let me give you a brief recap.

Discovering — And Growing —
A Monster Silver Project

To set the stage, we’ve been explaining how remarkable the Silver Sand project is:

  • It’s a veritable mountainof silver in Bolivia, with the initial target extending nearly a full mile in strike length.• Drilling has so far revealed truly exceptional silver grades, often extending for over 100 meters into the ground.• As large as the project is already, New Pacific was able to strike a landmark deal with the government to dramatically expand the target.• The target now extends roughly 3.5 miles in length by three-quarters of a mile in width…and includes dozens of identified silver workings!• Big investors have latched onto this story, handing the company tens of millions of dollars.• As a result, New Pacific is one of the most well-funded and aggressive explorers in the world today — with four drills working to deliver an initial resource estimate.• That resource estimate stands to shock the world, with analysts already predicting hundreds of millionsof ounces of silver.

And Now:
An Extraordinary Drill Hole…

As I noted, New Pacific continues to aggressively drill Silver Sand, placing holes close enough to each other to confirm the remarkable results they’ve been getting and get the necessary data for an initial resource estimate.

So far, the results have been boringly spectacular — hole after hole has hit remarkable intersections, including 109.75 meters of 96 g/t silver…179.9 meters of 88 g/t silver…68.68 meters of 153 g/t silver…140.71 meters of 109 g/t silver.

And on and on and on.

You get the picture: Outstanding grades, over very long intersections, over and over.

But just the other day the drill hit something that stood out even among these exceptional results — a virtual “jewel box” of high-grade silver.

Get this: Hole 522506 hit 45.0 meters of 641 g/t silver!

That’s a remarkable grade, over a very long length. In fact, that intersection was within a broader interval of 165.5 meters running 204 g/t silver.

With grades like this, a lot of silver can be added to the project very quickly. And the upside gets even brighter.

And Now: An Emerging World-Class Silver Discovery

New Pacific’s Silver Sand is well on the way to being recognized as a world-class silver discovery. But interestingly, it’s the second big silver find of an old friend of mine.

And his last big discovery multiplied investor’s money more than 20 times over.

The good news is that Silver Sand already looks to be much bigger than the one that had created those fortunes years ago.

So to get an idea of how big this new discovery can be, you need to understand the first one…and the man who created fortunes with that discovery.

A Fortune In One Big Hit

About 15 years ago, I happened upon one of the greatest investment wins of my long career. I was walking down the rows of booths at an investment conference when someone called my name.

It was my friend Rui Feng, a PhD geologist who had locked up an exceptional silver project in China. It was a fantastic deposit, but no one was paying it any attention.

I had tremendous respect for Rui’s talents, however, so I stopped and let him show me the whole story from top to bottom. I couldn’t believe how much high-grade silver was being indicated at his Ying silver project in China.

I recommended the stock to my Gold Newsletter readers. I began buying it myself.

That company was Silvercorp Metals…and it multiplied more than 20 times over from our entry level.

We made absolute fortunes on that one.

It’s Happening Again…

With a result like that, you know that I was eager to invest in Rui’s next venture, New Pacific Metals, in 2004.

Rui proved to me he has an eye for exceptional value, so I was anxious to see what he was going to find next. And I was willing to be patient…because I knew he wouldn’t pull the trigger unless he had a world-class target in his sights.

But I had no idea I’d have to wait over 14 years!

Still, I held every share of New Pacific I owned over all that time…and was absolutely amazed last year when Rui called to tell me he’d found yet another world-class silver project.

It was a huge — and I mean absolutely enormous — silver discovery in Bolivia.

The “Silver Sand” project had been outlined by a local company to be about 1,500 meters long and around 125 meters wide. (So nearly a full mile long!)

Better yet, the grades were fantastic. The local company had drilled three holes, with each cutting well over 150 meters of silver grading over 150 grams/tonne. Even better, the mineralization was near the surface.

After drilling their own holes to confirm those results, New Pacific quickly locked up the project…raised US$40 million to acquire it…and got ready to begin their own drilling.

But first, Pan American Silver Corp., one of the world’s largest primary silver miners, flew down at Rui’s invitation to look at the Silver Sand project.

Pan American handed New Pacific C$22.7 million to get a stake in the deal.

Then, everyone waited for the drill results. And when they came, they were nothing short of spectacular.

Confirmation Of Another Massive Discovery

Early this year, New Pacific announced that they’d drilled 55,000 meters on Silver Sand in their first drill program, in 195 holes.

Fully 190 of those holes hit silver…and the results were amazing.

Highlights included 135 meters of 240 grams/tonne silver…273 meters of 84 g/t silver…99.91 meters of 244 g/t silver…192.93 meters of 123 g/t silver…95.2 meters of 162 g/t silver…48.5 meters of 211 g/t silver…22.73 meters of 330 g/t silver…35.86 meters of 277 g/t silver…2.0 meters of 2,099 g/t silver.

Again, on and on and on….

The scope of the project grew significantly not only with grades like these, but also with the area drilled. The company announced that the drilling covered an area about 1,600 meters long north-south and up to 800 meters wide east-west.

That’s about a mile long by about a half-mile wide. Again, just enormous.

New Pacific has been aggressively drilling the Silver Sand Project…and as they do the scope of the silver mineralization continues to grow.

So how much silver is there?

There’s no telling at this still-early stage. I have seen a report from one analyst who, after the release of the latest drill results, upped his target from 200 million ounces to 250 million ounces!

As I also noted, the recent report from Stansberry Research predicted as much as 385 million ounces.

If the upcoming initial resource estimate comes out anywhere near these numbers, I think it will absolutely stun the market and send the company’s share price soaring.

More To Come —
Perhaps Much More

Remember, the company reported that these drill holes, all 195 of them, came in an area extending about 1,600 meters long by 800 meters wide. That’s roughly a mile long by a half-mile wide.

Now, the silver-mineralized zones within this area pinch and swell, and dip deeper. Still, there’s no mistaking that this project is truly tremendous in size.

But it could get much, much larger.

Well outside of their original property boundary, New Pacific has gained control of a much larger area (outlined here in pink) of high-grade silver potential.

You see, well outside of the area they drilled — the land New Pacific originally gained control of — there were signs that the silver mineralization extended much further.

So the company had been quietly working to expand their land position for over a year before reporting the first drill results.

A hint at just how much larger Silver Sand could be can be found in this section, buried within New Pacific’s second drill-result news release:

“Assay results of surface sampling of hundreds of artisanal mining dumps and continuous chip-sampling from artisanal underground mining tunnels reveal the silver mineralized fracture zones could extend at least by 3,000 m to the north and 500 m to the west and the east, as well as extending up to 1,000 m to the south of the areas drilled in 2018.

“These newly identified extensions of the mineralized fracture zones will be the targets of the continuing drilling program in 2019.”

So another 4,000 meters in length and another 500 meters in width.

Add it all up, and that 1,600 meter-by-800 meter target area could grow to 5,600 meters long by 1,300 meters wide. That’s about 3.5 miles long by three-quarters of a mile wide!

I can’t remember ever seeing a mineralized target this large over the more than three decades I’ve been in this business.

And as they point out in that excerpt above, the company renewed their drilling, with yet another big, 55,000-meter program.

That drill program is on-going at this very moment…and yielding amazing results like the “jewel box” zone I described above.

Here’s The Opportunity

After a slow start, the news is starting to flow in fast and furious fashion from what appears to be a globally important new silver discovery.

This has a few compelling implications for us as investors:

1) From out of nowhere, a new world-class silver project has suddenly emerged…just as the price of silver has begun a powerful run higher.

2) Still ahead is the first resource estimate for Silver Sand — and it could stun the market with potentially hundreds of millions of ounces of silver.

3) Word is starting to get out about this remarkable silver discovery — investors just oversubscribed a big financing, handing the company another C$17.3 million to keep drilling aggressively.

4) Over the next few weeks and months, the company will continue to release drill results. This could make it obvious that the project is much larger than the market is currently estimating.

Remember: No one realized how big Silvercorp was going to be back in 2003. But those who recognized the potential and got in early had the chance to reap a 20-for-1 payday.

I think that record will be hard to beat, even for New Pacific’s remarkable Silver Sand project.

But as a shareholder myself, I’m truly excited by the potential New Pacific has to multiply in value for not only myself but my Gold Newsletter readers.

I urge you to take a hard look at New Pacific Metals now, before more news comes out, and as silver prices are finally taking off.

Learn More About New Pacific Metals
And Its Silver Sand Project

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