8×8, Inc. (NASDAQ:EGHT) Latest Conferencing Patent Advances Growth


Dallas, Texas 09/04/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – 8×8, Inc. (NASDAQ:EGHT) the technology company which is as unique in the services it delivers as in its name, continues to pioneer track changes in the conferencing and communication technologies.

It’s recent patent on conferencing, which incorporates a list of advanced features, enhancing the online conferencing experience has definitely catapulted the value of the company and is expected to see marked upside on the market front as well.

The intellectual property is value-point for technology service providers such as 8×8, Inc.(NASDAQ:EGHT) and the latest patent is a point to prove that in today’s time the valuation of such company’s comes from its intellectual assets and is far removed from the real estate and other collateral, which was the norm of previous production and manufacturing domain companies of the 70s and the 80s.

The patent which is called the ‘Conferencing and Meeting Implementations with Advanced Features’ was issued by the US Patent and Trademark office last week.

The patent which was issued due to the key difference it introduced in terms of mechanisms, systems as well as the methods besides the devices used which improved the conferencing services.

8×8, Inc.(NASDAQ:EGHT) patent was awarded for the audio as well as the video conferencing enhancement during various entities or participants.

As it typically of cyber-technology companies such as 8X8 Inc, the massive patent pool it now owns, which at last count stood at 95, is the single largest asset working to create the market value of the company.

EGHT end—to-end voice as well as video communication technology patent is driving the share prices higher and expects to see more investors making a bee-line with the new patent award!