A Silver Stock with a Green Spin


Reno-based Itronics, Inc. (OTCMKT: ITRO) caught our attention recently when the company announced that it has started silver bullion refining using e-scrap (ground up computer circuit boards) as a “cost reducing” precious metals-bearing raw material.

Itronics core business is the manufacturing of liquid fertilizers from spent film processing fluids where it separates the ‘heavy metals’ (silver) in the manufacture of its well-established GOLD n’GRO brand of fertilizers.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing sexy about fertilizer, though Itronics has built a solid reputation amongst farmers that use GOLD n’GRO fertilizers and over time ITRO has expanded its product mix, all the while processing the silver and producing silver bars.   At one time, Itronics even produced numismatic-quality dated silver bars that collectors would horde. But making new numismatic-quality molds every year became too expensive.  Now Itronics has entered a new phase in its development when it added a second furnace configured to operate on a more-economic basis.   Simply, ITRO can refine silver or gold at a low, low cost when compared to other refineries.

But ITRO is a ‘green first’ company, with many distinguishing awards behind its GOLD n’GRO brand and the distinguished Dr. John Whitney, president and founder of Itronics, focus is to develop an e-scrap approach to precious metals recycling utilizing an environmentally-friendly approach to its refining process.  That could mean a substantial jump in revenue which could reflect in the TRADING PRICE OF ITRONICS SHARES.

In a recent May 23, 2017 announcement, ITRO states that “Between January and mid-April per melt production tripled, from 500 to 1500 ounces per month.”    Dr. Whitney was quoted as saying, “The new silver bullion revenue stream will provide a welcome addition to revenues in the second half of this year.”   Whitney also noted that the draught in California has ended and that GOLD n’GRO fertilizer sales are “increasing above expectations.”

But with the advent of the second furnace, ITRO is forecasting a further increase in silver refining of 25% to 50% and that by refining metals from circuit boards the return per-melt has increased in gold, silver and copper.  That adds a few more pennies to gross revenue that we won’t even go into…

While Itronics’ news release of the 23rd didn’t forecast a dollar amount we DID THE MATH and from what we saw ITRO will be generating somewhere between $400,000 to $500,000 in silver bullion refinery sales.   SO WE SEE A REAL OPPORTUNITY FOR OUR READERS IN ITRO!!

But wait!  There’s more!!  

With Itronics achieving such efficiencies in precious metals refining and its increase in refining capacity investors could see ITRO begin refining gold and silver ore for third-parties.

Itronics referred to its e-scrap refining process of circuit boards as “break-through technology” in a Nov 15, 2016 press release;  [The furnace technology is able to utilize most of the heat generated from combustion of the organic compounds contained in the waste circuit board materials, reducing the amount of purchased electrical power required to complete the process. Itronics separates a significant portion of the copper contained in the circuit boards into a separate saleable copper concentrate equivalent. The Company believes that simultaneous production of a separate copper product has never been done before, thus creating value that did not previously exist. The gold from the circuit boards and a small amount of copper are captured in the silver bullion simultaneously produced as a separate product.]

In the world of precious metal refining ITRO has hit a home-run and with Itronics scaling up by adding a second furnace investors can expect Dr. Whitney’s company to bring about even more capacity and perhaps new sources of e-scrap materials to refine.

Let’s face it, anything that can be done to lower refining costs could open the door to Itronics expanding its scrap resources, let alone expanding its furnaces further and with it more dollars pouring to the bottom line of this otherwise sleepy fertilizer manufacturer that’s gone relatively un-noticed by our readers – that is until now.

We look for a solid swing in ITRO in the near-term as the results of its ‘breakthrough technology’ unfolds while GOLD n’GRO fertilizer sales continue to climb.   Is Itronics a two-bagger, three, or more?  Only time will tell but our readers can attest to our publication’s track record of picking real winners in small cap stocks – just like ITRO.

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