Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) Introduces New Experience Cloud That Combines All Its Services In One Platform


Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) has unveiled the Adobe Experience Cloud which allow all its digital technologies to be housed under one platform.

The launching details

Adobe Experience Cloud was announced during the annual Digital Marketing Summit hosted by Adobe in Las Vegas Tuesday March, 21st 2017. It combines all the digital technologies by the company on a single platform. It combines Adobe Analytics Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, all on one platform.

Main aim of the Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud had the main goal of widening its footprint to include more roles and functions pf an organization. It combines all the components of its analytics, marketing and contents equipments into one to enable then function from a single area hence improving the experience and their accessibility all together.

Other market players

The unveiling of the Experience Cloud, enables Adobe to directly compete with other industry giants including Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), IBM (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) as well as Oracle (NYSE:ORCL). These too are analytics and marketing firms who are aimed at enhancing customers’ experiences. All the players go at it with different approaches. Adobe’s secret lies in its approach to content, data as well as analytics.

Comments from the company’s representatives

The head of product and marketing at Adobe Target and personalization efforts, Kevin Lindsay, stated that the Experience Cloud is able to identify that the industry has gone beyond just marketing. Data driven and analytics approaches applied by marketers are going deeper into more parts of the business.

The company therefore, is exploring further into the business to increase personalization in more areas of the business. He went further to state that even though marketing can be the beginning of cultivating clients, there is the need for businesses to enhance optimization and personalization to maintain the business. This he referred it as the “customer journey management”.

Other features

Adobe is introducing the Adverting Cloud and separating it from the Marketing Cloud Umbrella. This will bring together its data market place, programmatic assets and ad technology, hence placing it a more competitive bracket with Google. The company stated that it is driven by the idea of independence as it is not in the media business. They only help customers buy the media from any source including Google, Facebook and even Verizon/AOL/Yahoo.