Alcoa Inc. (NYSE:AA) touts to switch over to aluminium cans


Dallas, Texas 07/05/2013 (Financialstrend) – Alcoa Inc. (NYSE:AA) shares are currentlly trading at $7.72, up by 0.19%. The intra-day range of the stock is $7.66 – 7.78. The market capitalization of the company is $8.26 billion.

Alcoa, Inc., the leading producer of aluminium sheet used in beverage cans, pays still attention to the trend of marketing craft beer in cans. The manufacturing and recycling facilities of Alcoa are located in Blount County. Allison Buchanan,the person in charge of marketing communications, stated on Wednesday that the company is trying to actively promote the use of such cans.

She said that the recycling (or packaging) business of Alcoa is working in partnership with its can-making customers so as to offer innovative aluminium packaging options to craft brewers and explain them the reasons why cans are the ultimate beer packages.

Innovations in the design of cans have led recently to a trend towards packaging beer in aluminium cans, while beer purists have mostly preferred bottles for years. Such innovations as peel-off tops allow people to consume beer as if it were in glass.

Allison Buchanan said that the cansmade of aluminiumthat contain beer offer a number of advantages. They block up to 100% of the oxygen and the light that may affect negatively the beer’s taste. They are lightweight, better for the environment and moredurable as compared to bottles. According to the Tennessee Operations website of Alcoa, cans could be recycled and returned to the store shelves within 60 days from the consumption of their content.

Alcoa is enhancing its recycling operations, moving away from smelting aluminium. It completed a $24 million expansion of its milling/recycling operation in 2010 in Blount County and closed its smelting operation permanently in 2012.