Altice USA Inc (NYSE:ATUS) Launches a4 for Simplified Multiscreen Advertising


Altice USA Inc (NYSE:ATUS) recently stamped its market position as the pioneer and leader in the advertising industry with the launch of a4. a4 is an advanced tool for advertising which offers audience-based and multiscreen advertising solutions to clients. With this new software, Altice has successfully managed to implement its strategic plan of strengthening its footprint in the digital advertising market through multiple investments and acquisitions.

From being the first multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) partner to launch addressable advertising services in the New York DMA, the company has evolved to become a leading player in this sector and has subsequently established a niche market for itself. Much of this success was achieved after the company acquired Cablevision in 2015 and Placemedia, a leading provider of programmatic ad solutions for on-demand and OTT television and Audience Partners, which specializes in the provision of authenticated IP addressability technology.

Following the successful consolidation of all the businesses, Cablevision’s advertising and data business,  Altice has amassed the unique skills needed by advertisers to correctly identify their target audience local and national TV as well as on screens.  After identifying the right audience, they can proceed to create an effective and workable media plan, implement the buy as well as measure cross-screen reach, frequency as well as attribution to measure the program’s efficacy.

Counting on the a4’s superior reach advertisers are able to extend their content to over 90million households, 85% of subscribers of broadband and 1 billion devices in the US. This can benefit advertisers to spread their advertising messages to the target audience, hence reducing on the overall operating costs.

The company says it is on track with five-year program to build fiber-to-the-home network and launch its home communications hub. Altice says it is optimistic that the new Fiber to the home network will help in cutting maintenance requirements, lower power usage and fewer service outages. This will further lead to cost efficiencies.  The new network will enable the company meet the demand of increasing speed as well as offer enough support to upcoming and evolving technologies as the upcoming transition to 5G.