Android phones are now experiencing a serious virus


Android smartphone owners are now in the risk of a serious virus. There have been various text messages that are circulating over the past few days that spread spam. This virus is sending spam text messages to millions of phone numbers, especially those who use android phones. This has caused a lot of concern among android smartphone users and many of them are thinking of changing their phone.

This discovery is continuously affecting users, and many of them are thinking of changing their phone. Hackers are attacking the android platform since the beginning of the year and the company is trying to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Cloud mark research, a mobile phone security firm, discovered a serious spam campaign and virus that involves sending messages to android phones. The messages offered users free versions of games such as angry birds and grand auto. When users agree to download the game, the hidden virus is automatically connect to their handset. The main source of the virus is Hong Kong, and specialists are trying to reach the creators of the virus to stop this mess. Previously, spammers and hackers tried to assemble thousands of Android SIM cards but mobile companies were able to detect this virus before things got worse. This resulted in an increase in the phone bills for many people.

There are two different ways that the mobile phone will lose. If the mobile owner doesn’t own a texting plan, their phone pill will be very high as it only takes 50 seconds to text 40 phone numbers. The mobile owner will also stop receiving messages or phone calls from their friends or family, and this might a source of worry for many people especially those who travel a lot or live in an area away from their family.

The Cloudmark research firm predicts that a thousand smartphones were infected, but the numbers will increase if companies don’t find a solution quickly. On the other hand, apple phones weren’t targeted severely due to them having a very strong coding program. Even though Android phones are more popular, they are becoming the number one target for hackers.

For now, smartphone companies are advising their users to avoid opening any messages from sources they don’t know to decrease the risk of their phone getting affected. However, this can be difficult for many users to implement as some of these offers seem reasonable and real.