Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Chooses To Remain Simplistic In The Choice Of Name For Its Latest iPhone


It was today that Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) pronounced that from today moving forward it will be directing much of its efforts in the marketing of a pocking ‘special edition’ of the iPhone. An official working with the company has stated that it will be the perfect replacement for iPhone SE. He added that the Tim Cook’s Apple was not going to take a radical approach in changing the name.

Apple’s approach

On the contrary, the Cupertino-based company was going to be rather simplistic on its choice of a name. It will be resorting to and easy formula highlighting the product name and it will deviate from the tradition of having to outline the specific product cycle the device is from. The most recent 9.7 inch iPad commonly referred to as the iPad (2018) is a suitable example. The latest product will be called iPhone SE (2018) or iPhone SE.

A person well conversant with the matter, but who wanted his identity kept anonymous because the matter wasn’t yet official stated that Apple was planning to unveil the iPhone SE2 in the coming month. According to him, the gadget would be characterized by a 4-inch body that would be almost similar to that of the original iPhone SE.

It is unlikely that Apple will in the long run settle on iPhone X SE as the final name and that is according to several trusted sources. Several market observers have been asking questions wanting to establish the motive of the phone maker in the push for SE brand name. There are speculations that it might have been driven by either the economies of scale or the efforts to claim back market share.

Latest challenges

Challenges are inevitable the running of any progressive company. Apple and Samsung found themselves in court recently. It was in line with a 2011 patent infringements dispute and the ruling will dictate how much Samsung will be paying as compensation to Apple in terms of damages.

The other thing is that Billionaire investor Mark Cuban won’t be swayed by the fact that Apple will be making it to the market cap of $1 trillion. He has said that he isn’t planning to make investments in the company.