Applied Materials, Inc (NASDAQ:AMAT) Introduces Advanced Endura Ventura PVD


Dallas, Texas 05/29/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Applied Materials, Inc (NASDAQ:AMAT) has introduced its Endura Ventura PVD system which helps the customers in reducing cost of fabricating the smaller, and lower power, high-performance & integrated 3D chips. This system incorporates the company’s latest innovations to the industry-leading PVD-technology which enables deposition of thin, and continuous barrier & seed layers in the through-silicon-vias Demonstrating AMAT’s precision materials-engineering expertise, the company’s Ventura system also very uniquely supports use of titanium in its volume production as the alternate barrier material for much lower cost.

Expanding the reach of technology

With a launch of this Ventura system, the company is also expanding the comprehensive tool- set for the wafer level packaging applications, including the TSVs, redistribution-layer & Bump. TSVs are the critical technology that is used in the vertical fabrication of smaller & the lower power future mobile & the high-bandwidth devices. Vias are the short vertical interconnects which pass right through this silicon wafer, connecting an active side of this device to the back-side of that die, providing a shortest interconnect-path between the multiple chips.

Meeting demanding needs

Integrating the 3D stacked devices needs an aspect ratio of more than 10:1 aspect ratio TSV- interconnect structures that are to be metalized with copper? The company’s new Ventura tool now solves this particular challenge with the innovations in materials & deposition technology for manufacturing TSVs in a much more cost-effective manner than any of the earlier industry solutions.

Building on fifteen years of leadership in the copper inter- connect technology, the AMAT Ventura system enables the fabrication of very robust high-aspect-ratio TSVs, with upto 50% barrier seed cost-savings compared to the copper interconnect-PVD systems, said Applied Materials’ GM of Metal Deposition Products , Dr. Sundar Ramamurthy. All these innovations now deliver a much higher-performance & much more functional and a compact chip-package that needs less power consumption and meets the most leading-edge computing needs.