Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) Pronounces The Launch Of Aurora Eau


Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) is a company that focuses on cannabis production activities. It undertakes most of its licensed business operations in Edmonton. The business guru today spoke in relation to the unveiling of its new facility called Aurora “Eau.”

The state of affairs

Aurora Eau will have about 11 grow rooms constructed for the purpose of producing about 4,500 kg of top quality cannabis. Of course that will be on a yearly basis. The company intends to grow niche varieties of the product in the new facility. It targets cutting down of the electricity costs with the new facility.

The adult consumer use and the premium medical markets in Canada, Quebec and other parts globally stand to benefit. This business guru seeks to serve these markets with top-notch niche products.

Reports indicate that the Eau will be the company’s second Quebec production facility. The company started by first of all establishing the Aurora Vie in Pointe Claire. Market observers applaud it over its latest move.

The CEO of the company Terry Booth terms the new development a step towards the right direction. The official sees Quebec as an ideal investment destination and says they will continue making more of their investments there.

Booth opined, “There is incredible potential at Aurora Eau. It’s designed to be a place where our expert cannabis cultivators have the flexibility and control to produce some very special high-end varieties that few commercial growers are prepared to tackle.”

Investing in Choom

The official further outlines that they have plans underway to establish more of the rare and top-notch products in the region.

This company also seeks to boost its investment in Choom which is Cannabis retailer. Choom says it will continue channeling efforts and resources towards the development of a series of retail stores.

A great deal of the stores will be selling out a wide range of products from licensed producers. The retailer says it wants to give a major lift to the customer experience.

Choom has spoken in relation to Aurora’s investment outlining that it will take advantage of that in the best possible way.