Avon Products, Inc (NYSE:AVP) Unveils Its Investments And Financial Initiatives


Avon Products, Inc (NYSE:AVP) is a company that manufactures brands such as Skin-So-Soft, Avon Care, Avon Color and advance techniques. It has about 6 million active independent sales representatives that help with marketing activities. The company today unveiled its investments and financial initiatives.

The state of affairs

Today’s presentation was quite elaborate. The company’s priorities include the modernizing of its brands and rebooting of its direct selling proposition. The others are the driving of a performance-led culture and the unlocking of digital and e-commerce capabilities.

Avon says that is looking into a number of strategies that will see it strengthen its balance sheet. Analysts applaud the company’s cost savings initiatives and reports indicate that its cash generation will at some point exceed the investment plans in place.

Avon says it will do its levels best to ensure that its debt position doesn’t increase. The company’s CEO Jan Zijderveld applauds the company for its efforts in stabilizing the financial results. It looks forward to achieve its set business objectives as well as well as stabilize the financial results.

The turn of events

Zijderveld opined, “We believe that being ‘Fit for Purpose’ across our manufacturing, distribution and back office structures can yield substantial savings that can be prudently reallocated to fuel innovation and ultimately grow our business.”

Avon also unveiled additional details in line with its financial expectations and priorities. That was during the company’s Investor Day presentation. The business guru also gave out an infographic in line with its presentation.

Opening up Avon was a significant move by the company according to analysts. It has made several changes over the past eight months. Some of these changes include the rebooting of direct selling, spearheading cultural transformation and leveraging strategic breakouts.

Zijderveld says they spent quite some time assessing the company’s markets, operations and the value-creating opportunities. The major focus now is on ways they will move about implementing a plan that will help increase the attractiveness of Avon. That is definitely to the significant number of consumers and beauty entrepreneurs and there are plans underway to recruit more representatives.