Banco Bradesco SA (ADR) (NYSE:BBD) Receives Upgrade, Moves Forward


Dallas, Texas 03/05/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Banco Bradesco SA (ADR) (NYSE:BBD) one of the leading banking services provider is gaining forward momentum and upgrades as the company moves into the new quarter, this fiscal year.

Banco Bradesco SA (ADR)(NYSE:BBD) which is based in OSASCO, in Brazil, holds a network of subsidiaries to offer the broad range  of general and specific banking and financial products. The services this banking major provides include- deposit taking as well as banking operations required for corporate operators as well as individual operators. This bank is known to provide a wide range of investment banking, as well as international banking services. Besides the securities brokerage and portfolio management, international banking and securities brokerage, portfolio management and consortium services are some of core services this company provides.

Banco Bradesco SA (ADR)(NYSE:BBD) one of the more popular names in the foreign banking sectors has on the last day of March, received an analyst upgrade. Morgan Stanley is the analyst, who has given the Brazil-based bank an ‘overweight.’ The stock saw positive performance to the tune of 1.91%.

Banco Bradesco SA (ADR)(NYSE:BBD) is also active in the insurance services and products segment as well. The company has also reported that it offers a range of private pension plans as well as saving bonds aimed at corporate and individual investors. The banks several subsidiaries include the Alvorada, Bankpr, Bradesco BBI, Bradescard, Administradora as well as Saude SA.

Banco Bradesco SA (ADR)(NYSE:BBD) also offers a range of capitalization bonds and insurance products through its holding group called as Seguros. The services covered include insurance for random events  which is covered by Vida e Previdencia. The Saude covers health insurance aimed at business groups which are small and medium sized businesses.

Bradesco is known to offer a spectrum of foregin-trade businesses as well. The key here is export and import finance. The import and export finance segment also offers a range of services for foreign exchange products for selling and purchasing travellers checks and foreign currency and paper money. The company is also known to address the needs of its clients for transfer of money as well as advance payment.