BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) patent portfolio makes it attractive


Dallas, Texas 08/30/2013 (Financialstrend) -BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is in the middle of assessing practical alternatives to take the firm out of losses that makes it tricky to appropriately value the firm. Analysts and business specialists are busy ascertaining the worth of BlackBerry’s enterprise services and its copyright collection while considering its smartphone biz as “essentially insignificant.”

BlackBerry patent rating

Formerly, the patent portfolio of the firm was approximated at 5,236 U.S. copyrights and approximately 3,730 active patent requests that are worth $5 billion. But, Scotiabank forecasters have hinted that worth of patent portfolio is around $2.25 billion.

“We have been proposing a value of about $2.25B based on a price cut to what was paid for the Nortel copyrights, given the sale of those copyrights happened at a particularly appropriate time,” Scotiabank analysts added.

Timing not constructive

Timing is not encouraging for the company as when Nortel received enormous value for its copyrights the mobile business was loaded with a series of copyright lawsuit in the year 2011, and the firms, at that time, were all set to pay a massive amount.  Now those copyright wars have decelerated and firms are not much involved in purchasing patents.

BlackBerry Ltd Q10 sales fail to astonish

BlackBerry Ltd Q10 has failed to magnetize much reaction, with retailers reporting feeble demand for the QWERTY keypad-facilitated BlackBerry 10 mechanism, as per a report. The humble performance also reinforces the truth that BlackBerry is keenly in quest of a practical strategic alternative for its biz.

Retailers, dealers, carriers suggest low demand for Q10

One of the operators of 16 Wireless Zone stores, Chris Jourdan, stated that there was an insufficient demand of BlackBerry Q10, and those who bought it returned to give back the device after few days.

“We witnessed virtually no demand for the Q10 and finally returned most of them to our equipment vendor,” Chris Jourdan said.