Boeing signs a $ 15.6 Billion Order with Ryanair


On Tuesday, Ryanair has announced that it has signed a project of $ 15.6 billion with Boeing for the delivery of 175 passenger jets. This step can be taken as a boost from the side of the struggling company in terms of notching its profits and revenues. This step is going to empower Ryanair to be in the lead of the Europeans airlines which provide cheap flights across the region. Through this deal the company would be able to increase its fleet of airlines to around 400 planed. Previously, the airline’s fleet was around 300 planes. Most of the old airplanes which the company owned have retired due to which the company needs to introduce some new planes.

The deal had been signed in NY in which officials from both the companies were present. Ryanair said in this regard that through the addition of the new planes, they would be able to handle around 100 million travelers till the year 2018. Moreover, they also added that through the introduction of these new planes into the fleet, the company would be able to accommodate a large number of passengers who are always in search of some low cost carriers. With this addition, the company’s capacity would be increased by a level of 25 % which is a good news for all those who make use of these airlines on a frequent basis. Michael O’Leary who has been able to make a strong reputation in the company primarily due to the bargain orders for the aircrafts which he had secured. He said in this regard, that the struggle of Boeing has created a chance for both of the companies to redefine their profits and the span of their services. He continued by saying this deal would be giving us an advantage over all our competitors in the European regions who are well aware of this.

He also added that this deal would let the world know that Boeing is indeed going strong and is also managing to make some high quality aircrafts. The order is going to include 737 passenger jets in the form of a bulk order due to which the price would be brought down to $40 million for each of them. Reuters had also stated not long ago that soon Boeing would be signing a deal with Ryanair. The aircrafts included in the order would be the -600, -700, -800 and the -900 series planes.