CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) Received CJ Coverage


Dallas, Texas 04/25/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) caught between the cross-fire on the Aereo copyrighting legal tussle has now gained a breather with Chief Justice John Roberts indicating that the technology which Aereo technology offers is “based solely on circumventing legal prohibitions.”

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) in the last few weeks has been falling of the norm with respect to media stocks. The story thus far for CBS, despite not being one of the true-blue broadcasting companies has been unfortunate, for it has much more on stake than Aereo.

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) is located in New York, US and typically offers a range of mass media services. The company has been providing a range of services such as Cable Networks, Publishing of Local Broadcasting as well as Outdoor services. The company has been indicating consolidated revenues across its various segments. These include the Entertainment section, which accommodates 52%, Cable Networks as well as Publishing besides Local Broadcasting and Outdoor services.

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) has a market capital of $33.54 billion. The stock has an infra-day trading range of $58.11 low and $59.02 high. The stock also has a 52 week average of $45.28 low and $68.10 high. At the start of the previous trading session, the stock opened at $58.72.

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) holds a market capital of $33.54 billion and has a profit to earnings ratio of 19.40. Dividend to yield ratio for this stock is 0.12 to 0.82. EPS for the stock is 3.00.

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) is currently rueing Aereo’s rather round-about manner in which it has been able to outwit copyrights on entertainment content.

However, with the latest suggestions by the Chief Justicecurrently sitting-in on the case, has opened a window of hope for CBS. The stock prices of the company had dipped marginally at the time the Chief Justice began questioning proceedings. It has now recovered significantly.