Cemex SAB de CV (NYSE:CX) Provides an Agile Solution to BAYERISCHE MOTO (OTCMKTS: BMWYY)


Cemex SAB de CV (NYSE:CX) has provided an agile solution to expand the Research and Innovation Center of BAYERISCHE MOTO (OTCMKTS: BMWYY) in Germany. BMW is developing an innovation hub in Munich Germany to facilitate the working of 5,000 employees. The employees will engage in the development of hardware and software for future automotive vehicles.

As part of Phase I of the expansion project, Cemex is supplying more than 105,000 cubic meters of concrete via an agile solution. It ensures quick delivery of the mix to complete the 150,000 sq. meters plant. The company has used the special twin shaft compulsory mixer to deliver 90 cubic meters of concrete in every hour. It is a significant achievement for the company.

Director (key accounts materials) in Central Europe of Cemex, Uwe Lange said the company is putting in considerable efforts to provide an excellent customer experience. It is an obligation of the company to deliver the right mix at right time in an overcrowded markets like Munich without any disruption. The company uses the on-site blending plants to provide concrete blend for the large construction in a cost effective way.

Sustainability is one of the key factors in choosing the mobile plant for the key project of BMW. The key features of mobile plants include reduced CO2 emissions, shorter transportation time, and minimizing traffic congestion around the construction site.

Market Worth of Cemex SAB de CV

The market worth of Cemex SAB de CV (NYSE:CX) is estimated at $8.25 Billion. Its net profit margin is estimated at 4.2%. The operating margin of the company is reported at 9.6%.

Cemex Restructures Units in Spain

Cemex of Mexico has announced the restructuring of the plants in Spain. According to the spokesperson of the company, Cemex will shut down 2 of the 7 plants in Spain.

Cemex SAB de CV Issues an Update on Q2 2018 Results

Cemex SAB de CV has witnessed a strong growth in terms of volumes in Europe and the US due to increased prices and strong demand. The company has reported a double digit growth in aggregate volume (up 5%) and ready-mix (4%).