Cemex SAB de CV (NYSE:CX) Rejoices Longstanding Commitment To Nature Conservation


Cemex SAB de CV (NYSE:CX) rejoices its 25-year commitment to the preservation and protection of its planet’s biodiversity. Over two decades of relentless efforts, achievements and initiatives have resulted in the diffusion and development of a culture of appreciation and reverence for nature among company, its stakeholders, and by extension, the international community.

The details

Fernando A. Gonzalez, the CEO of Cemex, expressed that over 20 years earlier, the company advanced as an industry leader by spreading the philosophy of conservation, a dedication that they maintain every day by incorporating sustainability in all parts of their business. They celebrate the outcome of these initiatives and thank the world’s major conservation NGOs for their continuous collaboration in materializing the requirement to protect earth.

One of Cemex’s most recognized measures is the firm’s yearly publication of volumes from respective Nature Book Series, an over two-decade tradition starting from 1993. Brilliantly drafted with the help of conservation NGOs and famous scientists and shown with the vision of famous photojournalists, these books are a vital endeavor intended to support actions that benefit their planet and its ecosystems.

The volumes from company’s Nature Book Series have evidently influenced protective initiatives for international hotspots, the most biodiversity rich and endangered ecoregions on planet. Cemex’s objective to highlight the significance of these regions led to the establishment of conservation centers in the Tropical Andes, Melanesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Brazil and Guyana, together with the establishment of an international conservation fund to label new protected natural areas in significant sites.

Cemex has been privileged to work with more than 20 conservation NGOs in the time-honored history of its Nature Book Series, including Conservation International, BirdLife International, the UNESCO, the IUCN, among others. In addition, celebrated conservation figures have joined in the advancement of the books including Russell A. Mittermeier. The series has covered several most current and most important conservation themes of present generation.