China Green Agriculture, Inc (NYSE:CGA) Xi’an Conference For National Distributors


Dallas, Texas 12/15/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – China Green Agriculture, Inc (NYSE:CGA) will host a national level conference beginning Dec 15, 2014 for its distributors. The event will be spread over three days and will allow various aspects of services by CGA to be showcased. The focus will be on the ‘incentive program’ for sale of fertilizers.

Earlier the company had announced on its ‘investor Day Event’ an incentive program for the sale of its fertilizers.  At the conference the company will provide details of the incentive policies. The program is expected to provide wide stimulus to the distributors to enhance their sales program.

The conference is expected to be attended by over 80 distributor representatives of two subsidies, Jinong and Gufeng. Over 40 management members as well as staff are also registered for the conference.

The tri-day event will see participants who will work together, across the spectrum of the business. This will include discussions on sharing of fertilizers, applying techniques as well as exchange experiences including plant growth. It will also address co-operation on future of distribution as well as representatives.

China Green Agriculture, Inc(NYSE:CGA)  Chairman Tao Li who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company reported that the company was excited about the enthusiasm of representatives as well as distributors for the incentive program. The Chairman also announced that there would be suitable reward programs for the sales force, who have established their competence. He reiterated that his company would look at offering this contribution towards hard-working distributors at the business.  He commented that the Conference is expected to introduce and build confidence it the hard-working distributors. The result of the conference, the company expects is that there will be positive impact on sales for the long term.

China Green Agriculture, Inc(NYSE:CGA)  has had a history in humic acid-based fertilizers developing as well as soluble fertilizers besides agricultural products. Of the two companies which CGA controls Jinong produces 124 fertilizer products while Gufeng offers mixed organic as well as compound fertilizers.