Coca Cola Plans to Cut 750 Jobs in United States


Coca had stated that it is going to cut off the jobs of nearly 750 United States employees. The world’s largest and most profitable soft drink maker now plans to streamline the business paradigms three years following the big acquisition. The company now has a work force of about 75000 in the domains of North America. In terms of the layoffs in the jobs, 1/4th of them would come from the company’s home city, Atlanta. This statement had been made from the side of the spokesperson of the company in order to offer a confirmation of the media reports that had been made previously. The reason for these cut offs can be that the company now plans to hire more people at lesser salaries or there might be a different story all together behind the cut offs. Not to forget here that the unemployment issue in the United States has not been dealt properly till now. Moreover, there are also chances that some of other top business companies would try to follow in the footsteps of coke. The impact which this trend is going to have on the jobless rates, if something like this happens, would be enormous.

The company had also sent a memo to the employees last month in which they had mentioned since the times the North America bottling system had been integrated, a number of areas have been identified, all of which demand some improvements to be made. In other words, the company plans to remove some workers from their jobs in order to create new job openings for some more talented individuals who would be able to increase the sales outlook. A copy of the memo had also been sent to Reuters, so that the report might be published as soon as possible. It had been mentioned in the memo we should now endeavor to become a more aligned as well as unified N.A. group which is going to involve the restructuring of the polices and systems. In the morning trade, the shares of the company which is operational in almost all the countries of the world were seen to be up by $ 39.90. In lines to the rise in the shares, it can also be said that the company now plans to boost its sales and earnings to higher level, so that the revenue might be notched up. Now whether the company is going to replace the 750 US employees with some new people or not, would be seen in the months that follow.