Concurrent Computer Corp (NASDAQ:CCUR) Declared Quarterly Dividend


Dallas, Texas 09/06/2013 (Financialstrend) – A quarterly dividend was declared on Tuesday, the 3rd of this month, by Concurrent Computer Corp (NASDAQ:CCUR) according to the reports by The recorded stockholders as on 16th of this month would be paid a dividend of $0.12 on each share they hold. The payment would be made on the last date of this month i.e. on the September 30, 2013. Thus, this figure represents an annualized dividend of $0.48 and 6.27% of dividend yield.

A research note made available to the investors on Monday by Thomson Reuters and Verus’ analysts, mentioned that CCUR shares can now be bought, rather than just holding on to them. The rating given to CCUR shares by Zacks’ analysts was somewhat disappointing, as they downgraded its rating from ‘outperforming’ to ‘neutral’. The research report was published by the Zacks’ analysts on July 2. The target for the CCUR stock is now set at $8.60 by the analysts.

The opening price for CCUR on Thursday was $7.66. The 52 weeks’ low for the CCUR stock was $3.98, whereas on the other hand, the stock price rose as high as $8.95 during the same period. The 50 day moving average and the 200 day moving average is $8.04 and $7.53 respectively. The market capitalization of the company is around $67.1 million whereas the Price Earnings Ratio is estimated to be 15.96.

The company had previously provided a dividend to its shareholders on the June 13, 2013. The dividend paid to the shareholders at that time was also $0.12, which was a 100% increase over its previous dividend payment of $0.06 in the month of March, 2013. The company has managed to maintain its previous rate of dividend.

CCUR provides hardware, software and professional service for various sectors such as media industry, video market and also the high performing real time market.