Curry Gold Corp. (OTCBB:VOIL) Pushing Ahead With Expansion


Dallas, Texas 08/07/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – Curry Gold Corp. (OTCBB:VOIL) also known as Virtus Oil and Gas is a US based oil and gas company engaged in exploring which remains focused on its current expansion strategy. In a recent press release the company noted that it was moving ahead on this front by completing the payment towards the purchase of remaining acres of the Iron County, Utah. The total acreage acquisition is 36,787 costing VOIL a total of $100,000. The company has also announced additional acquisition of 18,690 acres on May 6, 2014, the payment towards which is expected to be completed by October 8, 2014.

Acquires 87.5% Working Interest

The acquisition involves the agreement Curry Gold Corp. (OTCBB:VOIL) made with Tidewater Oil & Gas Company, to purchase 87.5% working interest in Iron County, Utah. The remainder of 12.5% of working interest will continue to be held by Tidewater.

Virtus Oil and Gas Chief Operating Officer (COO) Brett A. Murray commented “The importance of acquiring and owning this acreage under Virtus is beyond beneficial and a major stepping stone in developing these assets.”

VIOL Continues To Follow The Gustavson Report

As Murray commented VIOL continues to follow the Gustavson Report and is working across the reserves with the Geo-Team to find potential reserves and hopes to see Virtus begin operation status and remain compliant with the state regulations.

Curry Gold Corp.(OTCBB:VOIL) Insider Purchases

The microcap stock saw Insider purchases in the last week of June, indicating upside and luring small and retail investors to follow suit.

Curry Gold Corp. (OTCBB:VOIL) is in the process of consolidating its assets and core competencies along with moving ahead on the expansion and asset-building aspects. Soon Tidewater-name bearing leases will be converted to Virtus-name to facilitate the acquisition of Operator for VIOL.