CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS) Trades Flat


Dallas, Texas 04/09/2014 (FINANCIALSTRENDS) – CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS) the realty financier has always followed the path of investing in projects where the income was always related was subjective to the level of risk involved. Over the years, the company has been steadily investing in residential instruments, especially Mortgage-backed securities, commonly called as RMBS. The main strategy behind the RMBS pure play is that the collateral is available against fixed rates: Single-family residential mortgage loans which are typically spread over 15 years, 20 years or 30 years.

Financial overview

CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS) currently holds a market capital of $1.40 billion and trades on the stock market between the ranges of $8.55 and $8.65. The company has been reporting 52 week prices of $12.50 and $6.74 per share and in the previous trading session opened at $8.56. EPS for the stock is -2.88. CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS) holds a volume to average share trading ratio of 2.26 million to 2.87 million.The outstanding shares for the stock are 162.02 million and Bets is 0.23. The company also has a Dividend to Yield ratio of 0.32 to 14.87.

CYS realty investments and services

CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS) also works with other mortgage loans called as ARMS where the rate is adjusted against the mortgage loans. Here the coupon rates are reset on a monthly basis. There is another category of work, also possible; these are the hybrid ARM coupon rates are worked on fixed for the initial periods of investment for three, seven, five to ten years.  After the expiry of this period, the resets can be made at equal intervals.

CYS Investments Inc (NYSE:CYS) also works on permitted investments, where the assets will be held included mortgage obligations and are generally issued by the government agency as well as the government sponsored units such as the Agency RMBS.