Digital Power Corporation (NYSEAMERICAN:DPW) Finalizes First Co-Location Deal


Digital Power Corporation (NYSEAMERICAN:DPW) reported it included the use of co-locations to its deployment plan as it moves forward to achieve its objective of recording 10,000 digital miners of cryptocurrencies installed worldwide. Recently, the firm finalized its first co-location deal that will eventually offer for the deploying of 1,000 units digitally mining an arrangement of the leading ten cryptocurrencies, besides the units already functioning, as previously announced.

The details

Digital Power’s cryptocurrency mining segment decided over the preceding two weeks that to best achieve its objective of 10,000 machines on a suitable basis that a supplementary plan to digital mining would work. In addition to the use of the firm’s current office and manufacturing facilities and the leasing or purchase of new operational sites, the firm considers that co-locations networked devices and hosting servers can be readily leveraged.

Co-locations can offer major elements including operational access/control, privacy, security, operational expertise and power capacity/redundancy. They also have the versatility of finalizing deals spanning a long- or short-term period, hence offering the ability to develop from long-term planning or required to resolve through pivoting to meet short-term requirements. Digital Power will continue to look other co-location prospects to deploy its network of digital miners internationally and nationally.

In an associated matter, the firm submitted an 8-K report with the U.S. SEC, after the market close on December 26, announcing its intent to use its social media presence on Facebook, as a key point to share information about the firm including that which may be considered “material.” Social media use is compliant as per the SEC guidance set on April 2, 2013 in a report pertaining the use of social media to announce material non-public information. The Company recently posted on its Facebook page different videos and photos showing the deployment and testing of its digital mining units at its existing sites.