Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Takes Floating Videos Out For a Test Spin


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is testing out floating pop up videos for its social network where users can watch a video and scroll at the same time.

The feature is a lot like YouTube’s floating videos where viewers can scroll while still viewing the particular video at one corner of the screen. The social network company has always been quick to follow up with new changes that suit the user’s need. For example, video watching on Facebook is one of the growing trends. The company identifies this and is quick to bring in new changes to improve the user’s overall experience.

Facebook’s floating video can be placed anywhere on the screen, making it even more convenient. The feature is accessible while one is scrolling down the feeds. Unfortunately, the video does not stick to the screen if one leaves to another page. But not to worry because the feature is still in its trial phase. The company has not made it clear whether there will be additional features apart from floating video. Also, it is not clear whether the videos will keep playing from the popup window once the user exits a page in the future.

The social giant has been making constant tweaks to its services every once in a while. It is one of its major competitive strategies against its rival video platform, YouTube. Facebook is therefore making efforts to make its video features more exciting.

Videos have also been a significant part of the social network’s ad campaign. It is no wonder that the company’s ad revenues are proportionate to the video streaming features. Since videos were introduced on the social network, the advertising revenues have been registering significantly higher values. Combined with other aspects of the network, the company becomes even stronger.

Despite the many reasons why Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been making changes, one reason stands out. The user’s experience. But one might question the need to watch a video and scroll at the same time. Not everyone will view it as a positive thing. However, for video junkies, it might be a good way to explore.