First Look of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Music


After being ignored as an unworthy service for years, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has given a new lease of life to the music. It has introduced unlimited streaming music service for a monthly subscription of S$9.99. The company also introduced family pack (maximum 6 members) at $15 per month.

Thanks to Apple, the users are now gifted to enjoy a myriad of tracks for a small monthly fee. The company has introduced a downloadable music service at its iTunes Store in the year 2003. It was a grand success. Apple is eyeing the same prospects with live streaming music service. Spotify, an early entrant to the streaming music service, offers streaming music for a small fee. It is supported by few ads.

The first impressions of Apple Music after testing it on an iPhone 6 Plus for a day are given below:

Apple has developed a dedicated App for the streaming music service. It consists of a large catalog of music to suit the taste of a wide range of music lovers. But, one should carefully understand the features of the new music service. It consists of a number of play lists to terrestrial radio for global audience.

The company has merged the songs in the existing iTunes library to your music catalog. It allows creating custom playlists combining the songs ripped from the CD or purchased from iTunes with streaming music. With a small tweak, all the songs are playable offline despite being stored on the Cloud. It is a good deal for the people, who already have libraries of iTunes.

It also suggests a number of albums, playlists, as well as songs with the help of algorithms and curated by the editors including the editors of Apple to suit your taste. It is part of the Beats Music. These curated playlists and suggestions are very impressive and accurate when compared to the ones created with the help of just algorithms.

The users have an option to try the music free for three months before signing up for unlimited streaming music for a monthly fee of $10.

The App is classified into five segments namely Connect, Radio, New, For You, and My Music. Though, a bit confusing, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) placed everything in the New Section. The For You section consists of curated album choices and playlists. Connect allows the artists to share videos, photos etc with the fans. It also allows collecting comments of the fans. The Radio Section consists of Beat 1, a live station worldwide, specially selected Radio stations.