Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) planning to enhance the future applications of the communications protocol of the connected cars.


Dallas, Texas 08/22/2013 (Financialstrend) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) starts the 3 year research project in Russia along with St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in order to observe the communication models of the space robots. This project would determine the possibilities for the applications in vehicle communications. By learning the communication between the robots that are on the International space station with robots that are on the Earth, this research would aim to enhance the reliability of the communications among the connected vehicles. This would thereby aid in advancing the methods of emergency vehicle communications. It is known that Ford Motor Company is under the process of analyzing the most robust as well as the reliable networks of global telematics that would aid in decreasing the traffic accidents. This analysis would also help in easing out the congestion and also would provide faster and accurate EMS responses that could be made possible through the communications between (1) vehicle and cloud, (2) vehicle and infrastructure, (3) vehicle and vehicle and many other communications.

This research study that is being undertaken by Ford Motor Company is aiming to enhance the future applications of the communications protocol of the connected cars. This research would further the commitment of Ford Motor Company to the industry leadership in developing the communications between the connected vehicles. It is believed that these technologies would benefit the customers of Ford worldwide along with the other road users as well as the environment. Moreover, Ford Motor Company is also under the process of analyzing how the emergency messages could be sent in order to ensure the delivery in case of network failures by identifying the systems and methods that would provide the redundancy during the failure of primary network.

It is to be noted that the rise in European sales is being marked by Ford Motor Company which had helped to get a rise in the sales by around 26%. Also, there was an increase in sales in western European countries, West Asia and North America.