Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) trades flat


Boston, MA, 06/28/2013 (financialstrend) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) market share is rapidly growing as compared to its competitors in the United States. The company has gained almost a full percentage point through May in its hotly contested small utility vehicle, midsize sedan segments and on the coasts.

People are attracted towards the highly equipped vehicles of Ford such as Titanium models. The company has also received requests from the customers to equip their cars with the in-vehicle connectivity of SYNC and MyFord Touch systems. The company was pleased to inform that these hi-tech systems have been equipped in more than 79 percent of vehicles under the Ford brand, which is double the rate as compared to Honda and Toyota’s informative systems. The customer satisfaction is plays a vital role and the customers with Fusions that have MyFord Touch technology  have 7 points higher quality satisfaction than other Fusion models. The company is in the process to improve the quality of MyFord and is planning to launch another upgraded version very soon. The main reason behind Ford’s sales growth is that the customers are getting attracted to its innovative technologies.

The company has also remarked that the sales growth of Ford’s product portfolio is getting stronger across the U.S. The company’s best selling product in U.S. for 36 years, Ford F-series have attained new heights recording 22 percent of growth through May where 70,000 of these cars were sold topping the last month since March 2007. Ford has been the best-selling utility vehicle brand in U.S. consecutively for the third year. It includes the sale of Ford Escape and Explorer which has grown by 18% in May. Escape vehicles are about to reach a sales 150,000 units in the first six months of 2013. The company’s EcoBoost and hybrids, which are fuel-efficient vehicles, are also adding to the company’s growth in U.S.

The stock of the company has declined by 0.51% and has closed at $15.57 in its previous day’s trading session. The beta of the company is 2.20 which is highly volatile.