Genworth Financial Inc(NYSE:GNW) moves under the spotlight


Dallas, Texas 11/12/2013 (Financialstrend) – Genworth Financial Inc (NYSE:GNW) is one of the top pick by analysts across boards for the financial services and investment sector. The stock was seen to rise by 4.07%, closing at the end of the day at $14.33. Currently, Genworth financial is seeing high volume trade with volume of 8.85 million shares. The benchmark, average volume trading is generally in the region of 10.46 million shares. However, the band with on the beta stock was flat at 3.18.

Continuing on the stock market news, other financial services companies had a moderate innings. Majority of the top 10 stocks in the category were in the red while only the top 3 – which includes Gen worth Financial Inc, AEGON N.V.(NYSE:ADR) and CNO Financial Group (NYSE:CNO). The big names, Prudential Financials and Metlife however showed negative growth at 0.47% and 0.48% respectively.

The continued growth in financial security segment has shown Genworth a steady and good performing stock.  The company has over 15 million customers, as of Dec 31.2011 and operates in more than two dozen countries. Additionally, the company also has a presence in other financial segments such as Insurance, as well as Mortgage Insurance.

Within the Mortgage Insurance segment, the company has shown good growth in its U.S. markets. Additionally, its core presence in Corporate divisions and Runoff is also on the increase.

Genworth Financial showed fast movement in September this year, when the company finalized a deal with Aquiline Capital Partners and Genstar Capital. This now aligns Genworth Financial services with wealth management as well as a niche alternate solutions provider.

Genworth Financial results for the third quarter, announced in September are indicative of the possible high growth this company is sure to grow.

The net profit margin was 6.30%, while the operating margin for the company remained at 10.83%.