Glance Technologies Inc (CNSX:GET) Set To Benefit From Advancements In Mobile Payment Technologies


Mobile payments continue to become increasingly status quo across different economies and countries, focusing on pop culture, entertainment and other marketing avenues. This has resulted in the strong growth of the sector with no indications of slowing down. Many companies in the payments sector are benefitting from this trend, and Glance Technologies Inc (CNSX:GET) is no exception.

The details

Glance Technologies recently launched ‘Glance Pay Anywhere’, an innovative technology which enables its merchant partners to send bills to clients anywhere, and securely get remote payments from anywhere through the Glance Pay App. This can be used by almost any merchant or service provider such as landlords, musicians, accounting firms, law firms, entertainment venues, restaurants, retail stores, health and private clubs, making the potential industry for this product well above CAD$600 billion.

In the restaurant space, Glance Technologies app is perfect for deposit payments for extensive groups, payments for large corporate orders or payments for catering, all of which are segments that Glance Pay’s restaurant associates have been seeking a solution for.

Merchants can easily and quickly send bills and payment requests through Glance Technologies app. Consumers are instantly advised of the awaiting payment request and can authorize and compensate remotely with single tap of the finger utilizing the Glance Pay app, while still getting great rewards and obtaining real time digital receipts.

In addition, consumers are not required to share their compensation details numerous merchants in an insecure manner, and instead can depend on a more secure payment environment. This technology will notably improve Glance’s current offering within the vast restaurant industry. It actually comes as a mode of universal payment system with extensive applications.

Numerous merchants will gain from a low cost, secure, fast, anti-fraud payment technology that permits them to promptly send bills and accept payment remotely. It also eases collection for services offered remotely.