Glance Technologies Inc (CNSX:GET) Updates On New Ordering Capabilities


Glance Technologies Inc (CNSX:GET) updated on its latest designed table ordering capabilities. These are the unique features that will enable clients to prepay and order food & beverages from their restaurants table from the Glance Pay app. Desmond Griffin, the CEO, said that now with their complete set of features, the company is all prepared to disrupt the restaurant market as significantly as Uber achieved in the taxi and limousine industry.

The highlights

Glance Technologies reported that Glance Pay will allows customers to securely and conveniently order and pay for their delivery. App users can pre-order and pay for both pickup and takeout. They will have the luxury to order from their restaurant table. Once they are prepared to leave, they can pay for their meal.

It is common thing to see that people sitting at a table in a busy restaurant or pub face trouble getting the staff’s attention. These are the target customers who will understand the advantage of being able to easily and quickly order and pay from table with the help of Glance Pay.

Similarly, when going for lunch during busy periods, when users know what they want to order, they can quickly re-order and pay for items utilizing Glance Pay. This can save hassle and time, and lets users leave as they are set to go without any need of waiting for a card payment or paper bill. The same rewards and digital receipts are obtainable by means of Glance Pay.

Glance Technologies stated that Glance Pay shows a huge market. It has been projected that customers order up to 30% more when they have the ability to self-order. Customers already have the advanced mobile phones with them, which enables company to provide a cost effective and fantastic ordering experience at a restaurant. Glance Pay uses advanced technology, which comprises customer apps, merchant manager apps, extensive technology hosting environment with lightning fast payment processing and sophisticated anti-fraud technology.