Having Fun With the New Pronunciation Tool From Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has introduced a new tools where users can learn the correct pronunciation of various names.

That’s right, users no longer have to worry about how to pronounce the names of their friends. Most people will probably not see the need to use this service. In fact, it might probably be one of the many puns to give users something unusual to do. Pronouncing the names of people you probably won’t ever meet is perhaps not on everyone’s bucket list but there are probably a few people who are glad about this tool.

Regardless, the tool is a pretty nice way to have fun with names on the social site. For example, you can combine two different names you find funny and laugh double the dose. It is also part of the “real name policy” that is intended to make it easier for persons who suffer abuse on the site particularly because of ethnic backgrounds.

The pronunciation tool is currently under the pilot phase. Therefore it is only available to a small demography who will get to test it. It basically performs in the way most users might be thinking. Type in the name and wait for an audio response that will carry the correct pronunciation. Users can click to a small audio clip at the bottom of the prompt. The service tries as best as it can to make sure the particular name is pronounced correctly.

It is currently available to users in the United States. Those who have gotten their hands on it reported that there is a playback feature just in case the first time was not clear enough. It is also clear that the service is available for browsing using the internet, but it has not been confirmed for the application.

The tool is located in the ‘about you’ section where there is a new section within, called ‘how do you say your name.’ It is not clear whether the users upload the actual pronunciation of their names. If that is not the case, then it will be awkward. Imagine an AI trying to pronounce your exotic name.