Hecla Mining (NYSE:HL) Reports Gold And Silver Production In Third Quarter 2018


Hecla Mining (NYSE:HL) is a company that works closely with its subsidiaries in a wide range of mining activities. The business guru engages in the discovery, development and acquisition of precious and base metal deposits. It was today that Hecla gave an elaborate report regarding its gold and silver production.

Current state of affairs

The Company CEO Phillips S. Baker opined, “Our gold and silver production met our expectations, with gold production increasing due to the addition of two months of production from the Nevada operations and silver production declining due to lower expected grades at Greens Creek.”

The leader believes they are making the right strides towards achieving their set annual production estimates. Every aspect of their operations is progressing quite well and they look forward to the best.

The company takes immense pride in its Nevada assets. It promises to do all within its means to ensure that the underground development project progresses smoothly. The business guru invests great hope in Fire Creek and says that it hopes for quite much midway next year. It hopes to achieve consistent production since that is the only way to compete favorably in a market characterized by stiff completion.

A closer outlook

The company’s spokesperson says that they are in the access drift section of their activities. The official says that Hatter Graben is the name to watch since it is exactly what spells out Nevada’s future and everything it comes with. That is in terms of economic empowerment and social progress.

It goes without saying that the company is one of the few that manages to deploy strong operations globally in the sector. That offers an ideal explanation as to why its balance sheet remains steady most at times.

Sources show that the company produced 84,145 ounces of silver. In terms of the associated gold production, the company fetched about 13,789 ounces.  All these came from the Nevada operations. This is one of the company’s most recent acquisitions. Hecla outlines that the operations in Nevada were smooth adding that it looked forward to a brilliant future.