Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (NYSE:HPE) Offering Intelligent Data Solutions In This Age Of Evolving Threat Landscape


As the data technology scene evolves, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (NYSE:HPE) is finding ways to cope up with the shift in fundamental data handling. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is alive to the fact that data today is as important as any other raw material for firms. Particularly, majority of firms today rely on data for optimum performance. Therefore, HPE offering intelligent data solutions is what many of these firms need.

According to a news release, the California-based tech giant is taking on the evolving data threat landscape innovatively. Particularly, the company announced new solutions that will facilitate better cloud data protection. HPE reveals that the solution offers a hybrid of existing and new mechanism which will boost data security.

Efficiency and security the focus in HPE offering intelligent data solutions

Further, the company announces in the release that it developed new copy data management solutions. Particularly, the solution targets big data firms which deal with mountains of data on a daily basis. Specifically, the new solutions will facilitate increased operational efficiency. Interestingly, the firm assures that clients will witness up to 95% increase in the efficiency.

In addition, the new solutions present positive metrics in all the aspects of data handling. As per the news release, customers will be able to back up their data faster than current speeds. This will guarantee less chances of data loss. Also, the solutions will see customers cut their expenditure on data cloud storage “by up to 20 times.”

Strategic partnership

To achieve the best results, HPE partnered Commvault which offers data backup and recovery solutions. According to another news release, Commvault announced full integration between Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery Software and HPE StoreOnce systems. Therefore, HPE offering intelligent data solutions owes much to innovative software from Commvault.

Particularly, the news release explains that:

“This joint solution allows Commvault to manage the full lifecycle of data management operations for HPE StoreOnce systems.”

As a result, the solution better responds to the “ever-expanding data growth” that is happening in data intensive sectors. Also, the release reveals that HPE Pointnext solution will continue to offer professional services to Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud.