High Demand Compels Ford Motor (NYSE:F) To Extend GT Supercar Production


Ford Motor (NYSE:F) is a company that focuses in the manufacture of vehicles. The coining of this company’s name has to do with the name of its founder Henry Ford. Due to high demand, the company has expressed its willingness to extend the GT supercar production activities.

A close look

In a statement, Ford disclosed that it was going to continue with its activities for about two more years. The business guru is against the compromising of production standards. It says it will do all within its means to come up with top-notch GT supercar.

This American company calls upon all the interested customers to move with speed in making applications. They have a period to about one month to finalize their respective applications.UK is one of the major markets that the business guru targets.

Ford exudes confidence that it will indeed succeed on its quest to serve its global markets fully. It targets manufacturing about 1,350 Ford GTs, a number it terms sufficient.

The turn of events

Hermann Salenbauch, an official working with the company applauded the remarkable response. The official says that it is a rare occurrence for the demand to surpass supply by a significant margin.

Salenbauch opined, “By extending the Ford GT production run for a limited period, we’re able to maintain the exclusivity of the ultra-desirable supercar while offering the ownership experience to a greater number of customers in addition to the 80 Ford GT owners in Europe who have taken delivery of their car to-date.”

Reports indicate the Ford GT production commenced two years ago.

Ford and Mahindra recently entered an agreement which will help build on the co-operation between the two in years to come. The two express great interest in the connected car solutions as well as in the power train.

The two business giants also want to focus on the telematics control unit. They hope to succeed on their quest to meet up to the various expectations by customers. To achieve that, they intend to uphold their unity on several joint development segments for quite some time.